TIMING: Seven Buying And Selling Secrets To Know Before You Relocate

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The secret to a successful relocation is timing — synchronized buying, moving and selling. Good timing just takes a little advance planning that puts you in control. Here are seven relocation secrets to make your move work smoothly for you.

1. Sell First

Ideally, you should sell your current home first in order to have all your financial resources available to purchase your next home. You want to avoid waiting until the closing on your new home forces you to sell your old home under the gun. Note that in some markets today, houses are moving so quickly that sellers will not even consider taking a contingency clause that postpones their sale until the buyer’s home sells. Setting the right price for your home and having a customized marketing plan are your best bets for bringing about a quick sale.

2. Find Out What You Can Afford

{short description of image}While your house is on the market, look at what’s available to buy within your price range in your destination area. Your perfect house is out there, but take as much time as you can to find it. It’s not just the house you’ll have to live with — you’ll want to find out about the neighborhood, the schools, proximity to shopping, etc. before you commit to your next home.

3. Shop For A Loan Before You Shop For A House

Try to lock in the best rate you can find. Get pre-approved for financing so you have more bargaining power when you bid on a house. With a pre-approved loan, you’ll be able to go to closing on your new house faster.

4. Coordinate Settlements And Moving Dates

Try to move directly from the old home to the new one. Sometimes you can rent back the old property for a few days or weeks if closing on the new one is delayed. Another alternative is an interim move to an apartment for a short time while waiting to close on the new house.

5. Begin Fix-Ups And Pre-Sale Improvements Early

Have any needed work completed before your house goes on the market. Consider having a home inspection early in the fix-up process so you know what’s important to repair or replace before you set the sales price for your house.

6. Work Closely With Your Agent

Make sure every “i” is dotted and every “t” crossed on time for both closings. You may save time and money for the buyer of your old home with lower “re-issue” fees by referring them to the previous providers of inspections, surveys, title insurance, etc. The information is in your settlement papers. And, if it’s a busy season, line up appointments in advance with the people you’ll need to close on your new house.

7. Avoid The Last-Minute Rush

Call us early. We’ll gather information and provide it to you quickly so you can make informed decisions and workable plans.

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Show it off |Staging Your Home To Sell Doesn’t Have To Be Costly

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3De-cluttering, reorganizing and returning rooms to their showcase role can help sell a home. But what if you’ve already moved out?And, renting or buying brand new furniture and accessories would break the budget? Remember, leaving behind some homey, welcoming pieces in an otherwise empty home can mean the difference between sold and stagnation. Or, ask friends or neighbors to lend furniture pieces or accessories. Then put these homestaging tips to work:

  • Set up a small end table and chair, a small bistro set, and a comfy chair draped with a throw to provide potential buyers the homey feel they’re looking for.
  • Small tables create great focal points when topped with a book, vase or small knick knack.
  • Keep a painting, picture or mirror hanging on select walls for interest.
  • A vase of silk flowers in the kitchen, an artful display on the mantel or birch logs in the fireplace and/or a small table at the entry way brighten up a home.
  • An area rug or throw rug can add warmth and dimension to a room.
  • Use an old table—covered with a long tablecloth—as a dining table set with some dishes.
  • An artful umbrella propped in an entryway corner, a clean welcome mat or a small wreath on the door can alsocreate a great first impression.
  • Suggest office space or sitting area in a large corner of a bedroom, living room, or basement with a small desk and lamp.
  • Stage a single robe, suitcase or hatbox to accent a walk-in closet.

It doesn’t take much to make a home look well cared for, lived in and inviting. Take a moment to look around your home to create focal points of interest in various rooms and spots.

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Worlds Largest Christmas Tree | Wilmington NC real estate

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Wilmington NC Worlds Largest Christmas Tree | Star News Photo

Our world famous tree will not be lit again this year, but here is  a little history to bring back memories.  In 1928 “Hi Buddy” Wade, the town commissioner held a contest to find the best Christmas tree to light in Wilmington. Two local school children choose the tree at the Hilton Park. A Large Oak.  Each was rewarded with a $5 gold piece.  450 lights were used to decorate the tree.  The Worlds Largest Christmas tree lighting ceremony which has  been held every year since 1928 (except the one year during World War II) until 2010.  The age and health of the tree has been a concern in prior years.  The City of  Wilmington is doing renovations at the Sweeney plant next to the tree, and these are safety concerns as well.  To upgrade and accommodate changes to make the area around the tree safe is not in the City budget.

So, we will have to view the tree from afar, and visit the new tree and Santa’s house on the downtown Wilmington NC riverfront.  Until then, we can still say Wilmington NC had the “Worlds Largest Christmas tree” .

If you are in town and want to search Wilmington NC real estate – visit www.cbbaker.com/

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Looking for a Bargain in Homebuying? Wilmington NC real estate

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How To Identify A Desirable Distressed Property


It’s not easy finding a bargain property in Wilmington NC that is worthy of purchasing.There are a lot of homes out there that may be up for sale, but—for a variety of reasons—are not suitable to fix up as your own home or an investment.What makes a particular real estate distressed home a good choice?

  • Location. It’s located in a desirable neighborhood. You—or future residents—would want to live in that area.
  • Bones. It’s got great bones. There is no major structural damage to the home and remodeling is for superficial items.
  • Rehab. The fixes it needs are relatively easy and quick to complete. If the to-do list only includes carpeting/flooring, paint and clean up, it’s likely a good choice compared to one that needs new windows, roof, HVAC system, plumbing/electrical rework, etc.
  • Price. The home is priced significantly lower than comparable, surrounding homes. If it stacks up well against neighboring homes in terms of price, it’s likely priced right to allow you to invest some fix-up money into it. The key is to act fast to grab this home—before someone else does!
  • Condition. You can get a home inspection completed before the sale becomes final. If the selling situation of the property makes you forego the inspection, it might be prudent to revisit buying that home.

When you’re ready to look for a bargain home, contact us. Foreclosures, short sales, and other distressed properties are out there. The key is knowing what to look for.

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So You Want To Buy A Foreclosure? | Understand The Three Steps | Wilmington NC real estate

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What Every Buyer Must Know

 In today’s market, you’ll hear lots of terms used to describe “bargain”
properties, distressed, short sale, pre-foreclosure, auction, REO,
bank owned, foreclosure, foreclosed, and more. Confused?
That’s understandable. Some of these terms are interchangeable,
some are not, and some cover a whole range of bargain property types.


Foreclosure Overview:

To understand the terms, it’s important to understand the three stages of foreclosure:

  1. Pre-foreclosure stage. This stage begins when the homeowner falls behind on home-loan payments (or sometimes other terms of the loan). Lenders may wait for a second, third or even fourth missed payment before sending the homeowner a Notice of Default — which becomes public record. The homeowner then has a given period of time to respond to the notice and/or come up with the outstanding payments and fees — sometimes by selling the home in a pre-foreclosure sale, also known as a distress sale. (If a judicial procedure is required, it occurs after the notice of default is given.)One type of pre-foreclosure or distress sale is a short sale — when proceeds from the sale of a home are less than the amount of mortgage still owed to the homeowner’s lender. A lender-approved short sale (or short payoff) occurs when the homeowner’s lender agrees to accept the proceeds of the home sale as satisfaction of the mortgage owed, even though proceeds are less than the outstanding debt.
  2. Foreclosure stage. At this stage, the former homeowner may or may not have been evicted — depending on state law — when the lender puts the home up for public auction (after a judgment of foreclosure in those states requiring judicial procedure).If the home sells at the foreclosure auction, (sometimes called a sheriff’s sale, trustee’s sale or step sale) money from the sale is used to pay off the costs of the foreclosure, taxes and other prior liens, service charges and advances, interest and principal on the mortgage, late charges or fees, and liens recorded after the first mortgage. Any amount left over is paid to the borrower (former homeowner). When proceeds from the sale are less than the various amounts owed, the lender may be able to hold the borrower responsible for the difference (deficiency judgment).
  3. Post-foreclosure stage. When a property that does not sell at auction — either because no one bid on it or because bids did not meet the lender’s or agency’s minimum price — the property becomes real estate owned (REO) by the lender or government agency that guaranteed the loan (such as FHA/HUD, VA, etc.). You’ll also hear the term bank-ownedapplied to these properties, whether they are owned by an actual bank or some other type of lender. (Be aware: The term REO also applies to properties purchased by companies from employees who didn’t sell their home on the market before relocating, which is to say that not all REOs are foreclosed properties.)Once the lender or agency has repossessed a property following a failed auction attempt, the home is put back on the market. Most REO properties are listed for sale through real estate brokers and placed on the Multiple Listing Service.


At this stage, the foreclosure process is complete, and the property may be accurately described as a foreclosed property, while in the first two stages the home is in foreclosure and should be referred to as a foreclosure property. (You’ll find, however, that real estate writers and others sometimes misuse this terminology; be sure to ask if you are unsure what stage of foreclosure a particular property is in.)

Here is a list of current foreclosures in the Wilmington NC real estate area  Click Here for List…

For a list of Short Sale Homes Click Here….

To search the Wilmington NC MLS, please visit www.cbbaker.com


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HURRAY! Iron Man 3 to Film at Screen Gems Studio | Wilmington NC real estate

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Well it is official.  Screen Gems Studio and Wilmington NC will be host to the filming of IRon Man III.  Welcome to our great town.  Enjoy.


So why is Gov. Perdue coming to Wilmington today to Screen Gems Studio to make an announcement?  We shall know at 2:30 pm.  North Carolina beat out Michigan in posssible places to film Iron Man 3.  Aaron Syrett, director of the N.C. Film Office sent out an email last night to members of the state film council about the visit.  The studio has made a call for crew members for another production, rumor has it that it is really for Iron Man 3.  More later after 2:30 today.  Cross those fingers and get ready to say “Welcome to Wilmington Iron Man III” we hope…..

Rumors abound.  According to the Latino Review, a website that reviews and researches films, director Shane Black  is scouting the Wilmington NC area to film Iron Man 3.  The previous versions have all been filmed in Los Angeles and the thought is that the director would like a change of scenery for the sequel.  Screen Gems Studio is home to many movies and television shows.  Currently “One Tree Hill” and “Eastbound and Down” are being filmed in the area.  Colin Firth and Emily Blunt will start filming in the area for ” Arthur Newman – Golf Pro” in October.  If the rumor is true Iron Man will be taking over 10 of Screen Gems sound stages and set designs are rumored to have already started.  Filming should start in June 2012 and the release should be May 3, 2013.  The budget for Iron Man 2 was $200 million and this film should have a similar budget.  We welcome you Shane Black, Robert Downey Jr.  and crew.  You will love Wilmington NC and the creative crew at Screen Gems Studio.  You will also love the people of Wilmington NC, who make the city we live in “perfect”.

If you see the area and want to look at real estate please feel free to search on www.cbbaker.com for virtual tours, videos, photos and more.


photo from movietrailers.com

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Your Conscience Getting to You? Then Volunteer | Wilmington NC real estate

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Do you often think “I should be doing more for the community or my neighbors”? Well here is your chance.  112 Organizations are holding a Conscience Fair to give you a chance to match your skills and your passions with a community group.  Volunteers make up a huge part of our town and help make Wilmington NC a vibrant conciensious area.  Please consider giving of your time, to something that will help others and reward you richly.

The 2011 Starnews Media Conscience Fair is on Saturday February 5th from 10- 3:00 pm in the McKeithan Center at Cape Fear Community College North Campus.  These are some of the groups that will have tables at the event.  There will be a speaker from QENO on how to be an effective non profit board member.  If you only have an hour to give that is fine, every little bit helps. 

Airlie Gardens
American Red Cross
Amigos Internacional
Bellamy Mansion Museum of History and Design Arts
Bread For Life…  A Gleaning Ministry fro Aging in Place Seniors
Brigade Boys & Girls Club
Brunswick Christian Recovery Center
Brunswick County Volunteer Center
Brunswick Family Assistance Agency
Brunswick Housing Opportunities, Inc.
Buy Local ILM
Cameron Art Museum
Cameron Art Museum
Cape Fear Coalition for a Drug-free Tomorrow
Cape Fear EARRS
Cape Fear Garden Club, Inc.  “Cape Fear Garden Club Azalea Garden Tour”
Cape Fear Green Building Alliance
Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity
Cape Fear HealthNet, Inc.
Cape Fear Literacy Council
Cape Fear Museum of History and Science
Cape Fear Resource Conservation and Development  (Cape Fear RC&D)
Cape Fear Saint Bernard Rescue
Cape Fear Volunteer Center
Carolina Canines for Service
Clean Energy Events
Coastal Therapeutic Riding
Comfort Socks
Communities In Schools of Cape Fear
Cornelia Nixon Davis, Inc.   DBA The Davis Community
Curamericas Global
disAbility Resource Center
Domestic Violence Shelter & Services, Inc.
Easter Seals UCP NC & VA, Inc.
Elderhaus PACE
Elderhaus, Inc.
English as a Second Language (ESL) through CFCC
Exchange Club of Lower Cape Fear/Wilmington
First Book – New Hanover County
First Fruit Ministries
Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina
Foundations Summer Camp
Friends of the Library
GO4IT, Inc.
Guardian ad Litem Program
Hearts N Hooves
Home Delivered Meals of New Hanover County
Interfaith Refugee Ministry
Junior Achievement
Kids Making It
Life Line Pregnancy Center
Lower Cape Fear Hospice & LifeCareCenter
March of Dimes
Monty’s Home
Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA)
NC Coastal Pines Girl Scouts  New Hanover County
New Hanover County Blue Ribbon Commission on the Prevention of Youth Violence
New Hanover County Community Action, Inc./Head Start
New Hanover County CROP Hunger Walk
New Hanover County Girl Scouts
New Hanover County Retired and Senior Volunteer  Program
New Hanover Regional Medical Center
NHC Cooperative Extension and Arboretum
North Carolina Coastal Federation
North Carolina Fair Tax
Nourish NC
Open-Ended Response
Optimist Club of Winter Park
Optimist of the Port City
Pender County RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program)
Phoenix Employment Ministry
Pilot Club of Wilmington
Port City Ruritans
Quality Enhancement for Nonprofit Organizations (QENO)
Rape Crisis Center and  Crisis Line Hotline/Open House Youth Shelter of Coastal Horizons Center, Inc.
Smart Start of New Hanover County
Southeastern Alliance for Community Change (SEACC)
Southeastern Carolina Crossroads, Incorporated
St. Mary Health Center
Stop Titan Action Network
Sunburst Foundation of Wilmington Canine Rescue
The Carousel Center
THE RUFFIAN FOUNDATION (a feral cat sanctuary)
The Ruth House, A Home of New Beginnings
The Warrior Ride
Tidewater Camellia Club
Tileston Health Clinic, Inc.
TOYS FOR TOTS  Cape Fear Detachment 1070  Marine Corps League
Trinity Children Foundation
United States Equine Rescue League
United Way of the Cape Fear Area
United Way of the Cape Fear Area
WARM, Inc.
WHQR 91.3fm Public Radio
Wildcat Army JROTC Booster Club
Wilmington Health Access for Teens
Wilmington Leadership Foundation
Wilmington Multiple Sclerosis Support Group, Eastern NC Chapter, National MS Society
Wilmington Prostate Cancer Support Group
Wilmington Railroad Museum
Wilmington SCORE, Counselors to America’s Small Business
Women of Hope
Working Films
WRAAP, Wilmington’s Residential Adolescent Achievement Place, Inc.
Wrightsville Beach Museum of History
Yahweh Center Children’s Village
YWCA Lower Cape Fear

If you are a non profit that needs help, call Si and join in on the fair.

For more information contact Si Cantwell – si.cantwell@starnewsonline.com or 343-2364 or cell is 264-8388 or http://www.conscienceonline.com view slideshow

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October 2010 Wilmington NC real estate MLS report

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So where are you going? Do you know how to get there? Where is our economy going? Does the Federal Reserve know how to get there? In the last week the Federal Reserve announced that it plans to purchase up to $600 billion in government securities. Treasury bond yields initially fell and then gradually rose again. This allowed mortgage rates to fall to record levels this past week. Will this action succeed and improve our housing recovery. Our housing recovery is key to the current economic situation.

Octobers average sales price has managed to exceed last month as well as 2009 year end average sales price. While the numbers of sales were down from last month and as well as down from a year ago. Our average sales price is up 5.8% over last month and up 1.1% from Year End 2009. When we look at our year to date average sold price we are only down 2.1% from Year End 2009. Our median sold price is up from last month by 4.8% and down by 2.4% from last year this time. Our median sold price has rebounded and has risen and is only 1.2% behind 2009 year end median. In our rolling 12 months we are up 10.8% in sold units and our average sold price is only down by 3.7%. Sold units are only 85 units down from last month and down 153 from last October.

In the month of October we saw a decrease of 241 homes in our listing inventory, we have 5,150 homes on the market as of November 1st.  This continues to put us in a strong buyer’s market with a listing inventory of over a 16.8 month supply. With the low sales in October this affects our month supply with a change of 2.6 months from last month. Our average list price has stayed below the $400,000 range for the last year; we are currently at $364,097. In October we saw an increase in our seller concessions, it is now 25.6%. Our average days on the market are 121. The list to sold ratio is 93.0% and there is no change from last month; this number needs to continue to get better. The number of homes that sold in 15 days or less continues to remain very low, 18.0% of October sold homes. The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage (FRM) averaged 4.17% with an average 0.8 points for the week ending November 11, 2010. We have hit historic lows in mortgage rates. Call me so I can show you or your clients how they can get the benefit of these rates. Have a great week and let me know what I can do to help you and your clients.

Despite all the media comments about our markets we are still lending money for residential mortgages. If a client has income and credit and some sort of down payment; they can get a mortgage. It goes to the basic three C’s – Capacity, Collateral and Character.

Listing Inventory

In October we saw a decrease in listing inventory of 241 units. We are about 146 units under November 1, 2009. We have 5,150 single family homes for sale in our MLS. The average list price of $364,097 is down by $801 from last month. The average list price has decreased by 4.8% from November 1, 2009.

Monthly Average Sold Price

Our monthly average sold price is up by 5.8% from last month and down .01% from October 2009. Our average sold price is up by $12,898.00 from last month. October average sold price ($236,985) shows an increase of 1.1% from year end 2009. Our average sold price is up by $321.00 from last October.

Monthly Sold Units

This month’s decline in the number of homes sold when compared to previous year is down 153 units. The number of sold homes is down 21.8% from last month and down 33.4% from October 2009. Last month we had 390 sold units and this month 305 sold units, last year in October we had 458 sold units.

While our current year to date numbers are lower than Year End 2009 they do show promising signs that our sales are on the upswing. The first ten months of 2010 has a 211 sold unit gain over first ten months of 2009. The average sales price is down 2.9% for the first ten months of 2010 than the first ten months of 2009. Our median sales price is just 1.2% behind 2009.

Median Sold Price

Our Median sold price rebounded this month an increase of 4.8% from last month, up to $181,500. Our national numbers lag by one month. Our median sales price dip from last month matches up with the national median for September. I am hoping we can see the national median sales price reverse its downward trend.


Pending Sales – A sale is listed as pending when the contract has been signed but the transaction has not yet closed. Sales are typically finalized within one to two months from signing. I look at the total pending units on a regular basis and this is how they chart out. We saw our peak pending numbers about May 3rd. We are actually up 2.3% from last month and we are down just 16.9% from November 2, 2009. With the tax credit benefits expired it will be interesting to see if our sales can improve going into early fall.

Market Absorption rate – The number of homes sold in October, 305 divided by the current listing inventory, 5,150 gives us a 16.8 month supply of single family homes. This increased by 2.6 months from last month. We need to get this inventory back under 12 months. With a large inventory and the few sales in October this affects our market absorption. With rates where they are and plenty of inventory; we can get this number down.

List to Sold price ratio – the average list price of the sold properties is $254,799 and the average sold price is $236,984 for October which gives us a 93.0% list to sold price ratio – a zero change from last month. We have now managed to stay under 95% for over a year and several months.

Seller Concessions – We had 25.6% of sold properties report a sales concession for October, an increase of 2.1%. We want this number to go lower.

Days on Market – The average days on market for the sold properties is now at 121 for October. That is about 4 months to keep a property on the market. Only 18.0% of the properties were placed under contract in less than 15 days for the month of October.

Carolina & Kure Beach

There are currently 405 single family homes for sale and this represents a 40 unit decrease over October 1, 2010 and 7.9% of our total WRAR inventory. The average list price is $412,359 a decrease of about $3,484 from October. In October there were 28 homes sold, divide that by the homes available and you have a 14.4 monthly supply of homes in Carolina and Kure Beach. The average sold price for the month of October was $263,439 and is up $11,864 from last month. When we look at our rolling 12 months November 1, 2009 to October 31, 2010 we have 327 homes sold at an average price of $284,291. While November 1, 2008 to October 31, 2009 we had 266 homes sold at an average price of $301,186.

This data was pulled on November 13, 2010, based on information from the Wilmington Regional Association of REALTORS Incorporated, for the period Jan. 1, 2005 through October 31, 2010. David Flory

Search all Wilmington NC real estate on www.cbbaker.com

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September Existing Home Sales Show Another Strong Gain :: Wilmington NC real estate

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The National Association of realtors has posted that the existing home sales rose again in September.  This affirms that a sales recovery has begun. 

The NAR states that the “existing-home sales1, which are completed transactions that include single-family, townhomes, condominiums and co-ops, jumped 10.0 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4.53 million in September from a downwardly revised 4.12 million in August, but remain 19.1 percent below the 5.60 million-unit pace in September 2009 when first-time buyers were ramping up in advance of the initial deadline for the tax credit last November.”

Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist, said the housing market is in the early stages of recovery. “A housing recovery is taking place but will be choppy at times depending on the duration and impact of a foreclosure moratorium. But the overall direction should be a gradual rising trend in home sales with buyers responding to historically low mortgage interest rates and very favorable affordability conditions,” he said.

According to Freddie Mac, the national average commitment rate for a 30-year, conventional, fixed-rate mortgage fell to a record low 4.35 percent in September from 4.43 percent in August; the rate was 5.06 percent in September 2009.

The national median existing-home price2 for all housing types was $171,700 in September, which is 2.4 percent below a year ago. Distressed homes3 accounted for 35 percent of sales in September compared with 34 percent in August; they were 29 percent in September 2009.  Ten years ago, the mortgage rates were twice what they are today and the home prices were at least 20% more, making this a great time to purchase Wilmington NC real estate.  Please visit www.cbbaker.com to search all Wilmington NC area homes, land and boatslips.

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Wilmington NC Real Estate Remains Affordable for 6th Consecutive Month

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The Wilmington- Cape Fear Homebuilders announced yesterday that the “housing affordability” in the Wilmington NC area remained near the highest level nationwide for the 6 consectutive month.  The Wilmington NC real estate prices have been lowered and the interest rates are favorable.   

This quote is from WWAY 3 from the president of Homebuilders “The possibility of homeownership is more obtainable for buyers in our market now than it has been for years,” said WCFHBA President John Lancaster of Venture Homes of the Carolinas. “More buyers are beginning to enter the market again thanks to renewed confidence as housing prices stabilize while the fed maintains all time low interest rates.”

Syracuse NY held the top spot on most affordable homes, with some smaller housing markets following close by Mansfield, Ohio; Bay City, Mich.; Monroe, Mich.; and Lansing-East Lansing, Mich.  Lancaster says “Our market is greatly influenced by what happens up north, so the numbers out of places like New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio are encouraging,”. 

That is encouraging news when the news lately has not been so positive.

Please take a minute to tour our website and search the Wilmington NC real estate area to find the house, neighborhood and price that you are looking for.  We have an inhouse Lender – Alpha Mortgage and an inhouse Insurance Agency – Real Mark Insurance and would be happy to give you contact information so that you have a “One Stop” Shop to buy real estate.   We make it easy for you.  Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty and Kay Baker and Associates.  Search all Wilmington NC real estate on www.cbbaker.com

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