Make It SMOOTH: A Dozen Ways To Plan The Perfect Relocation

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wilmington nc real estate

Whether it’s a move across the country or across town, the whole process can either go smoothly or have the overtones of a major life crisis. We’ve been on hand during transferee moves for some time and have come to the conclusion the “little things” make the difference between a smooth move and chaotic one. The secret is in the details that go beyond the usual common-sense procedures of getting belongings from one place to another.


You’ll have a better chance of a trouble-free move if you become familiar with our 12 tips to a smooth move.

1. Expect stress.

First and foremost, you should expect a certain amount of stress and be as patient as possible — with yourself and everyone else. When a whole family remembers to listen carefully and respond thoughtfully, things are easier for all concerned. {short description of image}

2. Fix up and toss out.

When a home is up for sale, the chore of clearing out clutter (for showing the house) can be combined with sorting and packing. Even if professional packers are scheduled to do the big packing job, time is saved at the destination when you personally box many items (off-season clothes, for example).

3. Keep a moving book.

Having a personal moving book (a 3-ring binder plus pocket dividers) helps keep details in their place: checklists, daily reminders, mover information, and, especially, lists of what’s where. (One of the most frustrating aspects of moving is not being able to find things that have been shuffled from here to there.)

4. Plan for pets.

Pets need to be planned for as much as any other family members. Change is stressful for animals too. Traveling arrangements should be made early (including necessary shots, certificates, etc.), especially if the pet is to travel by public transportation.

5.Print change notices.

As soon as a home is sold, notices should be sent to alert utility and other services of cancellation dates, to transfer bank accounts and medical records, and to avoid annoying gaps in subscriptions.

6. Return and collect things.

Returning borrowed things (library books, friends’ belongings, etc.) should be on your move-out checklist, as well as a reminder to collect things — from safe deposit boxes, the cleaners, storage places, repair shops, friends’ homes.

7. Carry valuables.

It’s often safer to carry jewelry, birth certificates and other valuables personally rather than trust them to movers or the mail. School records and proof of vaccinations also have a better chance of prompt arrival if they are conveyed personally rather than left for transfer to busy school and medical offices.

8 .Do the phones early.

If possible, phone service should be installed before arrival, and floors and walls that need refurbishing in the new home should be attended to before moving in, avoiding having to move things around after getting semi-settled.

9. Pack a survival kit.

Packing a survival package takes care of all those small family needs at the new home on the first day: light bulbs, a flashlight, tissues, trash bags, children’s toys, pillows, blankets, saucepans, canned food, paper plates, powdered drinks, plastic cups, a radio, a telephone, a hammer and screwdriver, etc.

10. Make tags and licenses a priority.

Remembering to get car registrations helps avoid fines, and transferring drivers’ licenses on time saves having to take new road tests.

11. Schedule extra time.

It’s wise, if possible, to allow plenty of time to recover, to unpack and settle in. A few days of dining out helps. After all, a home isn’t built in a day.

12. Last word.

A prime reminder: Throughout the move, you can rely on your real estate and relocation specialists on each end of the move to help the relocation go smoothly.

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Justice 4 ALL | Free Legal Advice from North Carolina Bar Association Foundation | Wilmington NC real estate

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 The 6th Annual Justice 4 ALL day will be this Friday March 1, 2012 from 7 am – to 7pm. 

North Carolina residents may call in with any legal question they may have and they may be offered referral resources.  The NC Bar lawyers will have the phones manned with volunteers.  There are  7 call centers in NC.  These are the numbers to call for your area of the State.

N.C. residents who reside in the viewing area of the stations are encouraged to call the toll-free numbers and view coverage of the event throughout the day. Personal visits are not permitted, and calls to the call center’s normal phone numbers cannot be transferred. Asheville: (800) 289-0013; Charlotte: (866) 616-4255; Greensboro: (877) 391-6179; Greenville: (888) 616-0614; Raleigh: (800) 424-9725; Wilmington: (888) 442-3428; Spanish-Language Call Center: 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m., (855) 455-4255.

If you need Real Estate advice, please call us 800-497-7325-3607 or email – please visit

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The Rental Market Is Hot | Become an investor at the right time | Wilmington NC real estate

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5 Basics for Building Wealth

Through Investing in Rental  Property

There are some people that have decided to rent instead of purchase until they find exactly the right house and price for them.  The flip side of this coin is that there are renters out looking.  There are homes and investor properties that are priced right, that could produce a positive cash flow.  If you have been thinking about becoming an investor, now might be the time. 

With a relatively modest amount of capital and income, you can profit from real estate investing – once you recognize the chief elements of the rental-property marketplace: Blueprints

  • Taxes may be inevitable, but they are also controllable. In rental properties, you currently benefit from cash deductions for financing, management and operating costs as well as non-cash deductions for depreciation. You also benefit from possible lower long-term capital gains tax rates or tax deferral.
  • Leverage involves multiplying your profits by financing as much of your investment as possible and reducing your down payment, thereby limiting the amount of cash tied up and increasing your tax deductions.
  • “Positive cash flow” means income either before or after taxes. A savvy investor knows how to turn “negative cash flow” into positive, by maximizing rent through various strategies and through depreciation deductions.
  • Appreciation, the result of selling at a higher price than you bought, appears to be a trend that shows no signs of abating. In investing, the important thing is to choose property in a location where prices are rising more than in other areas.
  • Equity, the difference between the property value and the remaining loan balance, brings a profit either through refinancing or sale. Timing is a key consideration in maximizing equity profits, since the longer you own property, the fewer tax breaks available to you.

If you’re thinking about investing in your future through real estate, call or e-mail us for professional assistance in finding the right property for your situation.  Please feel free to visit  You can view properties by price, neighborhood, map and zip code.  If you have a question, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Waiting for Mortgage Rates to go lower? Wilmington NC real estate

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Everyone wants to get the lowest mortgage interest rate when shopping for a Wilmington NC home. The rates have been at high 3’s and low 4’s the last couple of months. Freddie Mac just announced this week after it’s Primary Mortgage Market Survey that the rates for fixed and adjustable have risen again for the third straight week. 30 year rates hover around 4.46% up last week from 4.40%. It is still a great time to purchase a home. The housing prices are at a low, coupled with rates under 5%, it is a win win situation. To search all Wilmington NC real estate, please visit We have lenders that can give you a current quote and do a pre-qualification to get you started.

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October 2010 Wilmington NC real estate MLS report

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So where are you going? Do you know how to get there? Where is our economy going? Does the Federal Reserve know how to get there? In the last week the Federal Reserve announced that it plans to purchase up to $600 billion in government securities. Treasury bond yields initially fell and then gradually rose again. This allowed mortgage rates to fall to record levels this past week. Will this action succeed and improve our housing recovery. Our housing recovery is key to the current economic situation.

Octobers average sales price has managed to exceed last month as well as 2009 year end average sales price. While the numbers of sales were down from last month and as well as down from a year ago. Our average sales price is up 5.8% over last month and up 1.1% from Year End 2009. When we look at our year to date average sold price we are only down 2.1% from Year End 2009. Our median sold price is up from last month by 4.8% and down by 2.4% from last year this time. Our median sold price has rebounded and has risen and is only 1.2% behind 2009 year end median. In our rolling 12 months we are up 10.8% in sold units and our average sold price is only down by 3.7%. Sold units are only 85 units down from last month and down 153 from last October.

In the month of October we saw a decrease of 241 homes in our listing inventory, we have 5,150 homes on the market as of November 1st.  This continues to put us in a strong buyer’s market with a listing inventory of over a 16.8 month supply. With the low sales in October this affects our month supply with a change of 2.6 months from last month. Our average list price has stayed below the $400,000 range for the last year; we are currently at $364,097. In October we saw an increase in our seller concessions, it is now 25.6%. Our average days on the market are 121. The list to sold ratio is 93.0% and there is no change from last month; this number needs to continue to get better. The number of homes that sold in 15 days or less continues to remain very low, 18.0% of October sold homes. The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage (FRM) averaged 4.17% with an average 0.8 points for the week ending November 11, 2010. We have hit historic lows in mortgage rates. Call me so I can show you or your clients how they can get the benefit of these rates. Have a great week and let me know what I can do to help you and your clients.

Despite all the media comments about our markets we are still lending money for residential mortgages. If a client has income and credit and some sort of down payment; they can get a mortgage. It goes to the basic three C’s – Capacity, Collateral and Character.

Listing Inventory

In October we saw a decrease in listing inventory of 241 units. We are about 146 units under November 1, 2009. We have 5,150 single family homes for sale in our MLS. The average list price of $364,097 is down by $801 from last month. The average list price has decreased by 4.8% from November 1, 2009.

Monthly Average Sold Price

Our monthly average sold price is up by 5.8% from last month and down .01% from October 2009. Our average sold price is up by $12,898.00 from last month. October average sold price ($236,985) shows an increase of 1.1% from year end 2009. Our average sold price is up by $321.00 from last October.

Monthly Sold Units

This month’s decline in the number of homes sold when compared to previous year is down 153 units. The number of sold homes is down 21.8% from last month and down 33.4% from October 2009. Last month we had 390 sold units and this month 305 sold units, last year in October we had 458 sold units.

While our current year to date numbers are lower than Year End 2009 they do show promising signs that our sales are on the upswing. The first ten months of 2010 has a 211 sold unit gain over first ten months of 2009. The average sales price is down 2.9% for the first ten months of 2010 than the first ten months of 2009. Our median sales price is just 1.2% behind 2009.

Median Sold Price

Our Median sold price rebounded this month an increase of 4.8% from last month, up to $181,500. Our national numbers lag by one month. Our median sales price dip from last month matches up with the national median for September. I am hoping we can see the national median sales price reverse its downward trend.


Pending Sales – A sale is listed as pending when the contract has been signed but the transaction has not yet closed. Sales are typically finalized within one to two months from signing. I look at the total pending units on a regular basis and this is how they chart out. We saw our peak pending numbers about May 3rd. We are actually up 2.3% from last month and we are down just 16.9% from November 2, 2009. With the tax credit benefits expired it will be interesting to see if our sales can improve going into early fall.

Market Absorption rate – The number of homes sold in October, 305 divided by the current listing inventory, 5,150 gives us a 16.8 month supply of single family homes. This increased by 2.6 months from last month. We need to get this inventory back under 12 months. With a large inventory and the few sales in October this affects our market absorption. With rates where they are and plenty of inventory; we can get this number down.

List to Sold price ratio – the average list price of the sold properties is $254,799 and the average sold price is $236,984 for October which gives us a 93.0% list to sold price ratio – a zero change from last month. We have now managed to stay under 95% for over a year and several months.

Seller Concessions – We had 25.6% of sold properties report a sales concession for October, an increase of 2.1%. We want this number to go lower.

Days on Market – The average days on market for the sold properties is now at 121 for October. That is about 4 months to keep a property on the market. Only 18.0% of the properties were placed under contract in less than 15 days for the month of October.

Carolina & Kure Beach

There are currently 405 single family homes for sale and this represents a 40 unit decrease over October 1, 2010 and 7.9% of our total WRAR inventory. The average list price is $412,359 a decrease of about $3,484 from October. In October there were 28 homes sold, divide that by the homes available and you have a 14.4 monthly supply of homes in Carolina and Kure Beach. The average sold price for the month of October was $263,439 and is up $11,864 from last month. When we look at our rolling 12 months November 1, 2009 to October 31, 2010 we have 327 homes sold at an average price of $284,291. While November 1, 2008 to October 31, 2009 we had 266 homes sold at an average price of $301,186.

This data was pulled on November 13, 2010, based on information from the Wilmington Regional Association of REALTORS Incorporated, for the period Jan. 1, 2005 through October 31, 2010. David Flory

Search all Wilmington NC real estate on

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Coldwell Banker “On Location” YouTube Award | Wilmington NC

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Coldwell Banker real estate continues to receive awards for their innovative marketing especially in the Wilmington NC real estate market.  The Latest award was for “On Location” YouTube Channel, for the Real estate Category.  Below is the letter from Corporate headquarters for Coldwell Banker Realty.

Coldwell Banker Sea Coast realty and Kay Baker and Associates continue to strive for new ideas and creative outlets for marketing of Wilmington NC real estate.  Visit


Brand’s ‘On Location’ YouTube Channel Honored in Real Estate Website Category

PARSIPPANY, N.J., (July 7, 2010) – The International Academy of the Visual Arts has named Coldwell Banker On Location, the brand’s YouTube channel, a recipient of this year’s Communicator Awards for Creative Excellence in the real estate website category. The category honors the best site for the sale or rental of residential or commercial property.

“We were the first national real estate brand to add streaming video to our website. Today, our agents across the globe have posted more than 15,000 videos to our On Location channel,” said Mike Fischer, chief marketing officer for Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. “The most exciting part of On Location is that we have only just begun – there’s a lot more to come.”

On Location has been rated among the top 10 most-viewed brand channels on YouTube. In April, just 11 months after launching On Location, Coldwell Banker announced it had received over 1 million views. The site was launched in May 2009 and was produced in collaboration with FD Kinesis.

“Home buyers would much rather see a home than only read about it,” Fischer said. “Our On Location videos empower them to get a feel for a home, a community or a real estate professional that they could not get from photos or a text description alone. Equally important are the home sellers who are now expecting video to be a part of marketing their property.”

With thousands of entries received from across the United States and around the world, the Communicator Awards is one of the largest and most competitive awards program honoring the creative excellence for communications professionals. The Communicator Awards are judged and overseen by the International Academy of the Visual Arts, an invitation-only body consisting of top-tier professionals from acclaimed media, advertising and marketing firms.

About Coldwell Banker®

Since 1906, the Coldwell Banker® organization has been a premier provider of full-service residential and commercial real estate. Coldwell Banker is the oldest national real estate brand in the United States and today has a network of more than 98,000 agents working in more than 3,600 offices in 50 countries and territories. The Coldwell Banker brand is known for creating innovative consumer services as recently seen by being the first national real estate brand to augment its web site for smart phones, the first to create a iPhone application and the first to fully harness the power of video in real estate listings, news and information through its Coldwell Banker On LocationSM YouTube channel. The Coldwell Banker system is a leader in specialty markets such as resort, new homes and luxury properties through its Coldwell Banker Previews International® marketing program.

© 2010 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker® is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated Except Offices Owned And Operated By NRT Incorporated.

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Top Wilmington NC Real Estate Company

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Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty is among the nation’s top 500 real estate companies according to Real Trend magazine. The report ranks the companies by closed transactions and sales volume. Sea Coast ranked #151 among 500 other top real estate companies and ranked #23 out of more than 1074 Coldwell Banker affiliates.

Kay Baker of Sea Coast Realty is ranked in the top  Realtors with Coldwell Banker in the South East Region. If you are looking to buy or sell Wilmington NC real estate, give Kay Baker & Associates a call or email You can also search all for all homes in Wilmington NC at

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Wilmington NC Real Estate Market

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Good news this week as mortgage rates have improved.  We are now at some of the lowest levels of the year.

Home prices on the Rise

Hedge fund manager John Paulson, who made billions betting that US Home prices would fall back in 2007, is now saying home prices will be on the rise.  He is calling for prices to grow by 3 to 5% this year and increase by 8 to 12% next year.  Keep in mind that if homes only raise a fraction of his outlook, just 2% – it would yield a healthy rate of return for someone buying a home right now.  For example, if someone bought a home for $100,000 and put down 10%, they invested $10,000 in the home.  If the home appreciated just 2% or $2,000, the rate of return based on the down payment of $10,000 is 20%.   Not bad!

Wilmington NC real estate

So, no doubt that now is the time to buy Wilmington NC real estate. With rates at historic lows, inventories high and prices low, the time is now to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase real estate.

If you are searching for homes in Wilmington, NC, please visit my website at today.

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Wilmington NC real estate | Coldwell Banker Buyer Bonus

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Did you miss the $8,000 Stimulus deadline to purchase a new home?  If you did Coldwell Banker Corporate has announced a Buyer Bonus plan that could help you get a credit on a new home.  

Purchase a participating home between May 1, 2010 and July 31, 2010 and the seller will refund 3% of the accepted offer price up to $8,000 to you as a credit at closing.  Look for the “Buyer Bonus Program” homes online or call us and we can help you with your search for a new home.  You don’t have to be a first time home buyer to enjoy the credit.  Read more here.

Search online at or TEXT 14059 to 44133 to search on your mobile phone.

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Wilmington NC Real Estate Homeowners May Qualify for $1500 Relocation Assistance

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1,500 towards relocationWilmington NC Real Estate Homeowners

Starting April 5, 2010 the Government will be paying homeowners in default, to relocate. The new program will demand lenders to honor short sales whereby the homeowner can sell the property for less than the mortgage payoff. The Obama administration is trying a different approach to assist more than 5 Million households who are behind on their mortgages. In turn, the homeowner will receive $1500 for relocation assistance and the lender $1000 for expediting the short sale process.  

This arrangement could prove very beneficial to the homeowner, as they will not suffer further credit damage and they will get reassurance from the lender that they will not be sued for the balance. And, under this arrangement, the number of potential  foreclosed homes on the market should drastically decrease which in turn, should improve the  overall housing market.

Finally, short sales will have their day! If you are facing a foreclosure, and need assistance, we are specialists in the Wilmington NC real estate short sale and foreclosure market. We are there for you every step of the way. Just give us a call or email

And, if you are looking to purchase a short sale or foreclosure, we have you covered there, as well.  We have a Certified Distressed Property broker on our team and will help you with your short sale or  purchase a short sale or foreclosure with complete knowledge of the process.  Read more here

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