New Hanover County loves technology… The New Hanover County government is on the cutting edge of new technological advances by utilizing the TV White Space that was abandoned in 2008 with the national launch of digital TV.  Wilmington was the first test city for the use of the non analog device.  The FCC laid ground rules concerning the use of the White Space Spectrum and New Hanover County is the first to utilize the technology.  The first commercial installation of the White Space network was set up at Hugh McCrae park. Phase 2 will include other parks and gardens such as Vetarans Park and Airlie Gardens.  Wi Fi on caffeine will be available.

“Community leaders have been eager to keep the area in the race to develop new technologies and uses since the FCC chose the local television market as the first in the country to transition to digital TV.  New Hanover County and Wilmington are also noted in the FCC’s National Broadband plan as a model of the usability of the spectrum.

New Hanover County has provided network IP cameras, Wi-Fi routers, antennas and other hardware as well as technical installation of the new FCC approved radios.  New Hanover County, city of Wilmington and TVBS have been using white spaces for a number of business applications already, including water quality monitoring and security purposes.

Chaney says the county and city governments collaborated on a pilot project that provided Wi-Fi and video surveillance in the Creekwood housing development.  The county is also using white space to automate the collection of water quality data in environmentally sensitive areas that would have required trenching of wires.

In testing white space, Chaney says “We see ranges of up to 1.5 miles on a point-to-point application of the spectrum including signal propagation through vegetation and buildings.  Installing these newly approved radios and appropriate antennas could allow wireless service far beyond traditional boundaries.”