When it comes to home repairs, maintenance and fix-ups, having the right tool for the task at hand can spell the difference between a quick job well done and a frustrating ordeal. If you have a “handyperson” (willing or not) on your holiday gift list, here are some great gifts you could contribute to his or her arsenal of equipment–if he or she hasn’t already discovered them.


  • Cordless Power Drill

(9.6 volt or more) with two rechargeable batteries. Likely to become the most oft-used tool in the box!

Drill bit set (100 piece or more)

to handle any challenge-ceramic, concrete, specialty head shapes, etc. With quick-snap adaptor, even better.

Portable tool organizer

of heavy-duty canvas or rip-stop fabric. Belt, vest or bucket offers ready access to tools, often with dozens of varying pocket sizes.

Universal socket wrench

can adjust to any size, both metric and standard, due to flexible pin design. Some come with power adaptors for electric drills/screwdrivers.

Spring hose

(50′ or longer) takes the weight and the winding out of watering tasks, yet stands up to wear and tear.

Pressure washer

for concrete, siding, outdoor furniture, decks, vehicles and much more. Even inexpensive, lower pressure models (about $80) are effective enough for most tasks.

Electronic stud finder

finds the wood, not just the nail holding it in place. Some come with laser leveling devices.

Carpenter’s level

comes in handy for everything from tree houses and fencing to hanging picture on the walls.

Sanding sponges,

in various texture grades, offer a tough, rinseable, reusable sanding surface, particularly useful with drywall and spackling compound.