1604crowslanding1—Start cleaning, clearing and prepping now. Don’t waste time getting your home in order for visits by potential buyers. Clear out clutter, deep clean and move out some of your bulkier furniture to temporary storage or sell/give away/move it to your new home.

2—Secure a local agent. Selling your home in today’s fast-changing market requires you to know and do a lot more than most people have the time, energy or know-how to deal with. Work with a local agent who has experience—like us.

3—Price it right. Working with a professional agent, you will get feedback on what local home prices are doing, what the competition looks like and how the price will affect buyers.

4—Stage it, clean it, make it ready to show. Staging a home means having it look its best for buyers by giving each room a focal point and a purpose—whether you do it yourself with your belongings or you use rental items to spruce up your residence. Hiring a pro stager is another option, but make sure you have a clean base to start from and your home could be ready to show quickly.

5—Accept the right offer. The first offer could be your best offer, only offer or the start of more. You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to counter and know when to call. We can help you evaluate an offer to help you determine whether it’s a good move to accept or whether you should make a counteroffer.

SELLERS: Yesterday is history. Set an asking price for your home that reflects the reality of the current real estate market—instead of rumor or yesterday’s sales prices.

6—Be patient, but pay attention.Once the offer is signed and accepted, be flexible to allow the buyer to schedule inspections and finalize financing. However, your agent and you should keep track to make sure closing/settlement is on track for the agreed-upon date.

7—Get moving. Once that offer is signed, it’s real. Get your bags packed and boxes loaded up. You’re on your way to the next stage with your home sale behind you!

Professional guidance is essential in today’s real estate market, especially in your local area. We look forward to putting our know-how to work for you.