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Get The Most Bang For Your Remodeling Bucks

Thinking about making a change to your home? Be sure your remodeling dollars are well spent.
You certainly should focus on making your home a place you (rather than some future buyer) will enjoy living in. Still, it makes sense to remodel with an eye to maximizing the return you’ll get on your remodeling costs when the time does come to sell.
Consider the following suggestions:
1. Try To Fit In
Make sure your changes are consistent with the neighborhood. Don’t improve your home’s value more than 20% above the average value of homes in your area. If three bedrooms are standard and you are adding two more, you are not likely to get a very good return on your investment. Consider moving to a larger home rather than over-improving your current one.
2. Take The Middle Path
Shy away from highly decorative (or expensive) fixtures and designs. While a black-onyx wet bar and a mirrored wall might suit your fancy, it may make your home harder to sell later on. Remember, trendy colors and styles become stale all too soon (remember “harvest gold”?). Classic styles and neutral colors, on the other hand, stand the test of time. Express your individual taste with furnishings that you can take with you when you go.
3. Invest In Popular Improvements
Renovations with the best return include changes in the kitchen or bathrooms and room additions accomplished by adding on or enclosing a porch or garage. Tour similar homes that are for sale to see what kind of renovations your neighbors have made. Take a look inside some new homes, too. Builders know what today’s buyers are looking for; you may want to incorporate a few of the latest features in your home remodeling project.
4. Look At Your Moving Timetable
Will you be moving in a year or two? If so, shy away from major projects or personalized “luxury” updates such as saunas or art studios. You could end up spending extra money to reconvert the space if your buyers don’t like the results. Don’t start renovating if you expect a short-term stay, because long-term remodeling loans will deduct cash from your equity when you sell.
5. Find A Reputable Contractor
Look for a contractor with a solid track record doing the kind of work you’re looking for. Check for proof of insurance, licensing and bonding. Ask for references and contact several. Make sure you have a contract that spells out all of the details and possible scenarios — materials, periodic payments based on progress, completion dates, etc.

More on remodeling here…

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Wilmington NC Hollywood East | Welcome Back Under The Dome and Bolden |

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Welcome back to our great town of Wilmington NC.  Round two for Stephen Kings Under The Dome.  Pre-production will start in January with actually filming to start in March 2014.

See last seasons finale :


Wilmington NC also welcomes back Bolden. Filmed in the area in 2007 the production team comes back to the area for additional re-shoots.  Based on Jazz legend Buddy Bolden.

Sleepy Hallow just wrapped up filming in Wilmington on December 22, 2013.  Look for the first episode on January 13, followed by a 2 episode night on January 20, 2014.  Looking forward to having the production team back in town for more episodes.

The Remaining came back to town to film additional scenes for the film they shot last February.

Revolution – moved it’s production to Texas, but hopefully will be returning to shoot additional scenes.

The Squeeze recently wrapped production.

Just Released:

Christmas in Conway – aired on Hallmark Channel Dec. 1 and will continue to have reruns.  Available on

‘The Conjuring’ – released in October, now available on DVD and Blue Ray

We’re The Millers – released in November, now available on DVD and Blue Ray

Safe Haven has brought many a fan to Southport to see where the movie was filmed.

We look forward to a full filming schedule in 2014.

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TOP IT OFF RIGHT Kitchen Countertops Set A Whole New Style | Wilmington NC real estate

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Kitchen remodeling is among the most popular projects undertaken by homeowners — and the most profitable in terms of recouping the investment when the home is sold. One of the major decisions faced by anyone remodeling a kitchen is choosing a countertop.

Ideally, countertops will resist damage from heat, cold, acid burns, cuts, salt, water and various types of stains — and be easy to clean and maintain. It’s a tall order to fill, but a variety of choices are available these days that meet many, if not all, of those requirements.

Plastic Laminate And Ceramic Tile
These materials have long been popular choices because of their relatively low cost and easy installation. Laminates now come in many designs, including granite look-alikes. This variety makes it easy to coordinate a laminate top with wood cabinetry, metal details and other custom features. It is, however, susceptible to burns and scratches. And because laminate is not a solid surface, replacement may be necessary if damage occurs.

Ceramic tile has a classic look about it, provides a durable surface, and offers great variety in color and design. On the down side, its uneven surface makes it harder to keep clean, especially in the grout joints. Acrylic sealers have been developed to help resist grout staining.

Solid-Surface Materials
Countertops of solid-surface materials (e.g., Corian®) have become a popular, if more expensive, choice. Because color and pattern run all the way through this material, repairs are possible when damage occurs.

Other Options
Natural stone (granite is now popular, though expensive), butcher-block wood, stainless steel, poured concrete, and “labtop” (fiber-reinforced cement) are also being used in today’s kitchens. They’ll cost you more but look good and last for decades.

The cost of countertop materials varies greatly from as little as $1 per
linear foot for inexpensive ceramic tile to $150 per linear foot for high-grade stainless steel. Don’t forget to consider the cost of installation, as well, which generally increases with the cost of materials.

Look on and visit some listings to get a view of some of the awesome kitchens.   Happy Homeowning!

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Action | Wilmington NC | 3D Journey 2 Mysterious Island

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Star News Photo

One of the treasures of Wilmington NC is the Screen Gems Movie Studio.  It is not a rare site to see a movie star or two while you are going about your daily business in Wilmington NC.  A new movie has started filming in the area, 3D Journey 2 Mysterious Island starring Michael Caine, Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Josh Hucherson, and Vanessa Hudgens.  Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D was the first film ever shot in HD 3D, so the sequel should be equally filled with amazing digital shots.  It is the largest film being filmed at Screen Gems.  Another new special water tank was built just for the production.  This week they were filming on Colonial Drive in Forest Hills.  Wilmington NC welcomes the production and all the people who have come to our great city.  Enjoy….

If you would like to look at real estate, we invite you visit to learn about our town and what we have to offer.  From your phone you can text 14059 to 44133 and search there.

Click here for Screen Gems Brochure

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