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Kitchen remodeling is among the most popular projects undertaken by homeowners — and the most profitable in terms of recouping the investment when the home is sold. One of the major decisions faced by anyone remodeling a kitchen is choosing a countertop.

Ideally, countertops will resist damage from heat, cold, acid burns, cuts, salt, water and various types of stains — and be easy to clean and maintain. It’s a tall order to fill, but a variety of choices are available these days that meet many, if not all, of those requirements.

Plastic Laminate And Ceramic Tile
These materials have long been popular choices because of their relatively low cost and easy installation. Laminates now come in many designs, including granite look-alikes. This variety makes it easy to coordinate a laminate top with wood cabinetry, metal details and other custom features. It is, however, susceptible to burns and scratches. And because laminate is not a solid surface, replacement may be necessary if damage occurs.

Ceramic tile has a classic look about it, provides a durable surface, and offers great variety in color and design. On the down side, its uneven surface makes it harder to keep clean, especially in the grout joints. Acrylic sealers have been developed to help resist grout staining.

Solid-Surface Materials
Countertops of solid-surface materials (e.g., Corian®) have become a popular, if more expensive, choice. Because color and pattern run all the way through this material, repairs are possible when damage occurs.

Other Options
Natural stone (granite is now popular, though expensive), butcher-block wood, stainless steel, poured concrete, and “labtop” (fiber-reinforced cement) are also being used in today’s kitchens. They’ll cost you more but look good and last for decades.

The cost of countertop materials varies greatly from as little as $1 per
linear foot for inexpensive ceramic tile to $150 per linear foot for high-grade stainless steel. Don’t forget to consider the cost of installation, as well, which generally increases with the cost of materials.

Look on and visit some listings to get a view of some of the awesome kitchens.   Happy Homeowning!

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HURRAY! Iron Man 3 to Film at Screen Gems Studio | Wilmington NC real estate

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Well it is official.  Screen Gems Studio and Wilmington NC will be host to the filming of IRon Man III.  Welcome to our great town.  Enjoy.


So why is Gov. Perdue coming to Wilmington today to Screen Gems Studio to make an announcement?  We shall know at 2:30 pm.  North Carolina beat out Michigan in posssible places to film Iron Man 3.  Aaron Syrett, director of the N.C. Film Office sent out an email last night to members of the state film council about the visit.  The studio has made a call for crew members for another production, rumor has it that it is really for Iron Man 3.  More later after 2:30 today.  Cross those fingers and get ready to say “Welcome to Wilmington Iron Man III” we hope…..

Rumors abound.  According to the Latino Review, a website that reviews and researches films, director Shane Black  is scouting the Wilmington NC area to film Iron Man 3.  The previous versions have all been filmed in Los Angeles and the thought is that the director would like a change of scenery for the sequel.  Screen Gems Studio is home to many movies and television shows.  Currently “One Tree Hill” and “Eastbound and Down” are being filmed in the area.  Colin Firth and Emily Blunt will start filming in the area for ” Arthur Newman – Golf Pro” in October.  If the rumor is true Iron Man will be taking over 10 of Screen Gems sound stages and set designs are rumored to have already started.  Filming should start in June 2012 and the release should be May 3, 2013.  The budget for Iron Man 2 was $200 million and this film should have a similar budget.  We welcome you Shane Black, Robert Downey Jr.  and crew.  You will love Wilmington NC and the creative crew at Screen Gems Studio.  You will also love the people of Wilmington NC, who make the city we live in “perfect”.

If you see the area and want to look at real estate please feel free to search on for virtual tours, videos, photos and more.


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