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Why Online Listing Photos Make (Or Break) A Great Sale


Before homebuyers even decide whether to tour a home, they can gather an enormous amount of information about the property online. Today’s buyers turn first to the Internet to filter out (or in) only the homes that absolutely fit their needs. That’s why listing photos today are true deal makers—or deal killers.Here’s what serious buyers are looking for before they drop their mouse and tour a house: 

Rooms. Buyers verify the number of bedrooms, bathroom(s) and total rooms match their needs.

Layout. Browsers click through a lot of photos or virtual tours to understand if the layout of a home looks like it’s what they want. If they require certain rooms to be open to others, to provide a floor plan that matches their family traffic, or a one-level home free of stairs, they will rule the home in or out online.

Location. Virtual shoppers scan the map to see if it’s a location, neighborhood, and commute they prefer. Schools, shopping, services, fire house and hospital are frequent search objects. Including photos of nearby landmarks with listing pictures is often a plus.

Niches. For keen buyers photos of niche features are key: Drop zone, mudroom, charging station, food pantry, storage for kid stuff, laundry folding station, garage storage, lighted workshop, garden shed, walk-in closets, just to name a few.

Amenities. Still other online buyers want granite countertops, no carpeting, a bay window or other hard-to-miss features, which they use to quickly determine from listing photos if the home meets their requirements.

Home seller tip: If changing simple things like paint color, carpeting, appliances, etc., can persuade a buyer to tour your home, do it. The upgrades will make great online photos—and make a great deal for a time-squeezed homebuyer. 


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