gardentipsDo you have a garden? Or, are you hoping to? If you answered “yes” to either, creating a compost pile in your yard could be a great nutrient-rich resource for virtually no cost.All you need is to collect your food waste (except for dairy, meats and oils) and add that waste to a compost bin or pile, along with a portion of leaves and grass clippings. Over time, the food scraps decompose and create a deep, dark almost-soil-like additive to enrich your garden beds.Simply Google “compost bins” and “compost piles” to see which is right for your habits. Then find a crock, pot or some small container that you keep covered on your kitchen counter or under the sink. Fill with fruit peels, vegetable scraps, old bread, coffee grounds, etc. You can empty this container regularly into your compost pile or bin.Find exact recipes online that explain how much green (kitchen waste and plants) and brown (dried leaves, dried grass, etc.) you need to balance your pile for the best—and quickest—results. Depending upon the season and what you add most to your pile, you’ll also need to turn or rotate the compost to allow it to “cook” evenly.Your garden will thank you for your hard work!

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