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Good News and Positive Numbers For Wilmington NC real estate ( click on graph for more statistics)
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12 Signs Housing Recovery Is Taking Hold

If you’ve been one of those would-be home buyers on the proverbial fence, now is the perfect time to get off and make your move! All signs point to right now being a great time to buy in our local housing market — for far more reasons than historic low interest rates alone. We can work with you to take advantage of these truly extraordinary conditions to buy now. From discovering how much home you can afford to uncovering the best deals in our area, we will share with you the insider info you need to buy your next home today. Here are 12 signs why it’s a great time to make a move toward buying in this market.

1. Incredible Interest Rates
Interest rates are at historical lows. It’s hard to walk away from fixed-rate mortgages with low interest rates that can keep your monthly payment manageable for the life of the loan. Because your interest rate is low, you can afford more home than you would otherwise be able to buy.

2. Financing Back On Track
If you need a loan, lenders are ready to help. Once you provide evidence of your income and job history, a down payment and good credit score, you’re more likely to get a loan than at any time during the recent past.

3. Motivated Sellers
Whether it’s a homeowner who needs to relocate quickly or is being forced to short sell or it’s a bank selling their foreclosure property, there is no doubt that many sellers today are motivated. They want to get their homes sold and will consider your offer seriously, putting you in the driver’s seat during negotiations!

4. Fewer Buyers
Because so many would-be homeowners are still sitting on the fence waiting or don’t have the credit score needed to qualify today, your competition for buying now is going to be less than in the near future. Take advantage of that to start shopping!

5. Wide Selection
The number of homes available is still good, giving you a selection to choose from and some negotiating power. (Availability varies by price. Ask us for the latest listings.) Tip: If you feel like taking your time finding a home, beware that the true gems in the real estate marketplace are being snapped up fast!

6. High Affordability
The mortgage payment on a median-priced home at today’s average interest rate is the smallest percentage of median income in years, according to the National Association of REALTORS® Housing Affordability Index. Your home-buying power today is near an all-time high!

7. Home Prices Are Trending Upward
The days of rock-bottom prices are already history, especially for move-in-condition homes. You can still find a great deal on a home, but you need to act fast because the best-priced homes in the best condition don’t last long in our area.

8. Owning Vs. Renting
Rents continue to rise, often putting mortgage payments (principal and interest payments) below the average rental rates. For you, homeownership costs can be lower than renting!

9. Mortgage Deductions
The deductions for home mortgage interest and many other homeowner-favored tax breaks create a range of more great reasons to buy a home and get money-saving tax benefits every year.

10. Fix-Ups Abound
If you’re handy around the house and don’t mind if the home you buy isn’t in perfect move-in condition, you have even more options as a buyer. There are many homes that need work — sometimes just new paint and carpeting — and are available at a discount.

11. National Trends Are Not Ours
What you hear on the national news about “average” home-price trends simply does not apply when you look closely at our area. We know our real estate market best and can tell you exactly what is going on here in the neighborhoods you’re most interested in moving into.

12. The American Dream
Owning a home is still a goal of many Americans. To have a place to call your own, to customize it to your likes and to be able to show pride of ownership is what it’s all about. The American Dream is still attainable. Contact us and let us show you how!

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7 Reasons To Love | A TOUGH MARKET | The Time to Buy is Now.

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Today’s housing market is challenging. That’s a given. It’s tough on buyers and sellers alike, who are anxious, not knowing where the real estate market is going next. They both want — and often need — a great deal whether they are buying or selling. Our current real estate market requires a special perspective no matter which side of the settlement table you are on. The rates inched up a bit last week, and the market has been hot.  If you have been waiting for interest rates to get better and home prices to fall, then you might get left out of the chance to buy.

Savvy buyers can readily find a lot to love in today’s market. Buyers feel the love from low interest rates and competitive prices to a huge selection of homes and incredible investment opportunities. Look past the national headlines — which are gloomy at best and don’t apply at worst — to our local real estate market. Here is where buyers benefit the most when the going is tough. Unless, of course, you wait and miss out.

Smart sellers, on the other hand, can benefit from a buyer’s market as well. Successful home sellers in today’s market know they must price their home correctly and be flexible. Providing a buyer with a great deal on their home opens the door for sellers to move on to their own next step — whether it’s moving up, downsizing or relocating. Smart sellers also know what they may give up on price, they can make up — and then some — on their next home purchase. That’s another bright side of today’s real estate market.

Take a moment to learn the seven reasons why it’s a great time to buy a home. And, be sure to contact us when you’re ready to make a move.

1. Loving Low Interest Rates
Historically low interest rates continue to allow home buyers to afford more home for their money. Lower interest rates reduce your monthly payment and increase your buying power. Locking in at a low, fixed-interest rate means your monthly loan payment will never change over the course of your loan.

2. Embracing Investment Property
Even if you’re not in the market to buy a primary residence, you should take a look at the properties available for sale as investments. With ever-increasing numbers of families looking to rent, it’s an opportune time to invest in a rental property. Being a landlord can be a rewarding experience when you find the perfect property.

3. Attractive Home Prices
Home prices have never looked better! Many sellers are motivated to get their homes sold and are pricing accordingly. Don’t be afraid to make an offer on a home or to work with us to negotiate a great price on a great home.

4. Wondrous Selection Of Homes
If your “needs and wants list” of home features can’t be contained, now is the time to be looking at homes. The selection available in our area is outstanding. No matter what your budget, family size or life stage, we can help you find the home that fits.

5. Digging Distressed Properties
Others’ foreclosures, bank-owned and short-sale properties can be the key to your next home. Don’t overlook distressed properties, as you may uncover a hidden gem priced right so you can make upgrades and improvements without breaking your budget. Distressed doesn’t always mean a steal, but it can often lead to a great deal.

6. Engaging Your Financial Options
If you’re tired of seeing your savings yo-yo in the volatile stock market, real estate is a great asset balancer. Consult your financial professional to make sure you have the savings to spare. When you’re ready, we can help you find great investment property or a home to buy for all-cash if you desire.

7. Winning Over Motivated Sellers
Successful sellers keep the market going. Homeowners are eager to sell their homes to buyers who make realistic offers. It’s a crowded market for sellers, but the ones who are motivated will offer a great price and may throw in incentives (e.g., helping with closing costs, etc.) or much-valued sweeteners — such as a home warranty — that are as good as cash.

8. Professional Partner
When you’re buying or selling a home, it’s difficult to go it alone. We can help you every step of the way when it comes to getting a great deal on a new home. Feel free to contact us anytime you’re ready to jump into our real estate market to buy or sell. We’d love to work with you!

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Desire Change in Your Life | Put your Home’s Equity to Work | Wilmington NC real estate

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Put Your Home’s Equity To Work

With Six Savvy Strategies

Do you have idle equity sitting in your home that could be building wealth instead? One of the great aspects of homeownership is that you increase your wealth every month by building equity in your home and reducing your tax bill at the same time.

After you’ve been in your home a few years, you may have some equity that you could put to work for you. Even if the property has appreciated by just a few percentage points per year, significant equity can build up fairly quickly. Just be sure you retain enough equity that you’ll be able to pay a real estate agent’s commission when you sell the home.

Home equity loans are the most common means of tapping a home’s value. In states where home equity loans are not allowed, however, you can still put your home’s value to work by refinancing it for more than you currently owe–a “cash out” refinancing.

The first way most homeowners think of using their equity is to pay off high-interest debt. That’s one popular option, but you could also invest that equity in other ways. Here are six more ways to put your equity to work for you.

1. Trade Up

Using your equity as a down payment for a larger home could make financial sense. If you’re in a $200,000 home now and it appreciates by 5% each year, your gain is $10,000 for the first year. In five years, that home would be worth $255,256. But in a $275,000 home, that same 5% growth would be $13,750 for the first year. After five years, the more-expensive home would be worth $350,977 — nearly $100,000 more than the less-expensive home.

Of course, you may not be able to count on 5% appreciation every year. It could be higher or lower, depending on the state of the economy and market conditions. Not to worry, though. Even 2% appreciation will still add up over time.

Using additional equity to trade up will allow you to put a significant amount of money down on your next home. That could allow you to own a home you never could afford before.

2. Downsize

Another way to use your equity is to scale down. With the recent changes in tax laws, homeowners may sell a home every two years and walk away with tax-free profits up to $250,000 (for singles) and $500,000 (for married couples). By scaling down, you can purchase a smaller, less-expensive primary dwelling, and use the extra cash for investments, debt reduction or even purchasing an investment property.

3. Second Home

The real estate market has been fueled during the past few years by retiring baby boomers purchasing second homes. Maybe now is the time to purchase that home on the beach, at the lake or in the mountains. We can refer you to a knowledgeable agent in a resort area to help you with this move.

If you know you’re retiring to a particular area in the next few years, study that market now. You may want to buy the home now while prices are still affordable. If you do, you could rent the home during the peak vacation season. Many second homeowners discover they can just about cover their annual property expenses by renting out during peak season.

4. Investment Property

While the stock market often bounces up and down, many investors feel comfortable with the security of real estate. Not everyone has extra money to play the stock market profitably, but landlords can enjoy income every month. The secret is selecting the right property and finding expert property management if you don’t want to manage the property yourself. We can help with both these issues.

Some buyers have found it beneficial to purchase a property in the area where their college-age children are going to school. Their child can help manage the units and share the housing with other students to defray costs. The young adults learn responsibility and property management skills, and you have a live-in manager to watch over your investment.

5. Shared Equity

Another way to put your idle equity to work is to lend it to an adult child as a down payment for his or her first home. Some parents maintain a co-ownership interest while the young adult makes the mortgage payments. At the time of the sale, the equity is then split between the two. This is called a shared-equity arrangement.

6. Remodel

If you really like where you’re living, but desire a few more amenities, consider taking cash out for remodeling or adding to your current home. The interest paid on some home equity loans is tax deductible, just as it is with your first trust. Give us a call to find out what financing options suit your situation best.

Call us, we are the experts with expert partners in mortgage and everything real estate related. 800-497-7325-3607 or kaybaker@ec.rr.com . Sign up for our newsletters and our weekly TGIF Scoop on everything Wilmington NC!


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Great Reasons to Buy a Vacation Home | Wilmington NC real estate

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We’ve all thought about it while lying on the beach or inhaling the fresh mountain air: “Why don’t we buy a vacation home?” Owning a vacation home can be a good decision if you buy smart.

They provide another investment that includes a mortgage-interest tax deduction.

Whether you rent it out or not, you can deduct the mortgage interest as long as you use the home more than 14 days or more than 10% of the number of days the home is rented annually at a fair rental, whichever is longer.

Qualified second homes include houses, condominiums, cooperatives, mobile homes, house trailers, boats or similar properties that have sleeping, cooking and toilet facilities.

Here’s an interesting twist on the mortgage interest deduction: If you take out a home equity loan on your first home and use the funds to acquire your second home, the interest on the home equity loan is also deductible. That’s three mortgage interest deductions off your tax return!

Consult IRS Publication 936 for a complete discussion of how mortgage interest for a second home is deductible.

You can purchase your future retirement home in Wilmington NC now, at today’s prices.

Though your second home may be a vacation home now, if you buy right you can convert it into your principal residence later.

They can produce their own income.

Renting out a second home occasionally or often can help you pay for the property with OPM (other people’s money). Check with your tax advisor about how much of the upkeep and management expenses are deductible against your income.

Buying Tips From The Experts

Buy something within a reasonable distance.

Be sure you can get to your vacation home in a short amount of time. Before you make a final decision, travel the distance on a typical Friday afternoon to see whether the drive will be too much to deal with after a long work week.

Rent in the area several times before you buy.

If you really like a particular area, check it out during different seasons. This way you get to know the climate, people, pests, traffic patterns and other regional particulars first-hand.

Consult other owners.

Check with owners of nearby properties about public and private facilities, special maintenance required due to location or weather, the social climate, local development plans and prevalence of crime. Learning about the lifestyle of the area may help you narrow down your choices.

Think home first, investment second.

Although you may be able to generate rental income from your vacation home, it may not cover your ownership costs. (If you want to try real estate investments, give us a call to look at properties in the Wilmington NC  local area.)

Consider different styles of properties in a vacation area.

To minimize upkeep and have a more secure environment, a condo may be preferable to a single-family home. If you plan on converting it to a retirement home, consider what type of home you’ll want as a full-time residence.

Here are some of the current Wilmington NC real waterfront/waterview real estate  in our area.

Priced from 100,000 – 200,000  Click here

Priced from 200,000- 400,000  Click here

Priced from 400,00 -600,000  Click here

Priced from 600,000 – Click here

To search all properties please visit www.cbbaker.com

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Cost of Living in Wilmington NC Drops Below Average |Wilmington NC real estate

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The latest costs of living results have come out for Wilmington NC.  The 2nd quarter cost of living index dipped slightly below average according to the national ACCRA cost of living survey.  The results put Wilmington at 98.6, based on the national average index of 100.  The first quarter average was right at 100.0. 

The Cost of Living Index measure differences in costs of services and consumer goods for middle class standard of living.  314 urban areas in the US participated in the study.  The study is conducted over a 3 day period, covering 90,000 prices of 60 different items.   The Greater Wilmington Chamber of Commerce posted the following chart detailing the scores compared to other Southern cities.

Click on chart for larger view.

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Wilmington NC real estate MONEY NEVER SLEEPS!

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If you are waiting for the prices of homes to drop to purchase Wilmington NC real estate, just look at the difference in the rates for the last 6 months.
Your purchasing power is at its greatest right now!
The low rates coupled with a decline in housing prices; gives you the best opportunity to purchase a Wilmington NC home at a discount today.

Considering a home with a loan amount of $220,000 at today’s rate of 4.25% for a 30 yr. fixed loan.  The payment for that loan amount at 4.25% would be $983.87. If you wait, and  the rates were to go back to the April 2010 level of 5% , the same payment of $983.87 would only allow you to borrow $201,605.14. You have lost $18,395.00 in purchasing power.
This does not even take into consideration that the market should be improving and the price of the home you want could be increasing.
Most will say it will take a while for the rates to return to 5%. But remember, that it was only in April of this year that they were at 5%,  rates increase twice as fast as they decrease.

Information furnished by Daniel Downing Prime Lending Wilmington NC 538-6473.

Loan Amount    Rate        Payment        Rate    Loan Amount
9/24/10                4/23/10
$200,000.00    4.25%        $983.87        5.00%    $183,276.00
$210,000.00    4.25%        $1,033.07        5.00%    $192,441.95
$220,000.00    4.25%        $1,082.26        5.00%    $201,605.14

4/23/10                9/24/10
$200,000.00    5.00%        $1,073.64        4.25%    $218,246.83
$210,000.00    5.00%        $1,127.32        4.25%    $229,159.11
$220,000.00    5.00%        $1,181.00        4.25%    $240,071.51

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Wilmington NC Real Estate Report

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The Wilmington NC real estate sold price continues its monthly climb; we are 2.0% ahead of last month and 5.5% over last year this time. In our rolling 12 months we are 18.2% up in sold units and our average sold price is only down by 1.9%. We are back with sold units that exceed the previous month by 7.8%. August was a close to great month – our average sold price climbed by 1.0% over last month and 1.9% over last August. We were off base on sold units for August by 3 homes –  386 Wilmington NC homes were sold in  August and last August we sold 390.  Our Year to Date shows us that our average sold price is 13.2% ahead in units over last year and only 1.5% behind last year.  The trend I continue to see; is our negative numbers and gaps keep getting smaller and smaller.
In the month of August we saw a decrease of 37 homes in our listing inventory, we have 5,567 homes for sale in Wilmington NC as of September 1st.  This continues to put us in a strong buyer’s market with a listing inventory of over a 14.4 month supply. With the low sales in August this affects our month supply with a change of 2 months from last month. Our average list price has stayed below the $400,000 range for the last year; we are currently at $374,121. In August we saw an increase in our seller concessions, it is now 24.1%. Our average days on the market are 135. The list to sold ratio is 93.6% and is down 1.0% from last month; this number needs to continue to get better. The number of homes that sold in 15 days or less continues to remain very low, 13.0% of August sold homes. The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage (FRM) averaged 4.35% with an average 0.7 points for the week ending September 9, 2010. We are now hitting historic lows in mortgage rates. Read the rest of this entry

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Wilmington NC Real Estate Remains Affordable for 6th Consecutive Month

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The Wilmington- Cape Fear Homebuilders announced yesterday that the “housing affordability” in the Wilmington NC area remained near the highest level nationwide for the 6 consectutive month.  The Wilmington NC real estate prices have been lowered and the interest rates are favorable.   

This quote is from WWAY 3 from the president of Homebuilders “The possibility of homeownership is more obtainable for buyers in our market now than it has been for years,” said WCFHBA President John Lancaster of Venture Homes of the Carolinas. “More buyers are beginning to enter the market again thanks to renewed confidence as housing prices stabilize while the fed maintains all time low interest rates.”

Syracuse NY held the top spot on most affordable homes, with some smaller housing markets following close by Mansfield, Ohio; Bay City, Mich.; Monroe, Mich.; and Lansing-East Lansing, Mich.  Lancaster says “Our market is greatly influenced by what happens up north, so the numbers out of places like New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio are encouraging,”. 

That is encouraging news when the news lately has not been so positive.

Please take a minute to tour our website and search the Wilmington NC real estate area to find the house, neighborhood and price that you are looking for.  We have an inhouse Lender – Alpha Mortgage and an inhouse Insurance Agency – Real Mark Insurance and would be happy to give you contact information so that you have a “One Stop” Shop to buy real estate.   We make it easy for you.  Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty and Kay Baker and Associates.  Search all Wilmington NC real estate on www.cbbaker.com

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Wilmington NC Real Estate Market Stats

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Wilmington NC real estate median sold price continues its five month climb; we are 1.0% ahead of last month and 1.6% over last year this time. Our pending index is up 6.3% from last month. Our year to date we have a growth of 15.2% sold units over last year while our average sold price is just 1.9% behind last year. In our rolling 12 months we are 16.1% up in sold units and our average sold price is only down by 3.6%. This is the first month to break the string of sold units over the prior year; we had a string of 10 months. A key point to note is the average sold price is just a hair under last month by .03% or $707.00, but we are 8.4% ahead of last year this time.  The trend is our negative numbers and gaps keep getting smaller and smaller.
In the month of July, we saw a decrease of 125 Wilmington NC homes for sale, we have 5,604 homes on the market as of August 1st.  This continues to put us in a strong buyer’s market with a listing inventory of over a 16.0 month supply. With the low sales in July this affects our month supply with a change of 5 months from last month. Our average list price has stayed below the $400,000 range for eleven months; we are currently at $377,052. In July we saw a decrease in our seller concessions, it is now 21.7%. Our average days on the market are 121. The list to sold ratio is 94.8% and is up .4% from last month; this number needs to continue to get better. The number of homes that sold in 15 days or less continues to remain very low, 17.7% of July sold homes. The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage (FRM) averaged 4.44% with an average 0.7 points for the week ending August 12, 2010. We are now hitting historic lows in mortgage rates.
Listing Inventory
In July we saw our first decrease in listing inventory of 125 units. We are about 204 units over August 1, 2009. We have 5,604 single family homes for sale in our MLS. The average list price of $377,052 is down by $3,515 from last month. The average list price has decreased by 8.1% from August 1, 2009. Read the rest of this entry

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Opening Day Set for Convention Center | Wilmington NC real estate

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Rendering by Creative Illustration Media, INC. LS&P Architects

Wilmington NC is going to get it’s own state of the art  Convention Center.  After waiting for approvals and site plans, an opening date has been set for the Historic Downtown Wilmington Convention Center on the Cape Fear River. 

The grand opening is set for Thursday January 13, 2011 at 9:30 am.  The public is invited and there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony with the mayor and other community leaders.  Following the ceremony, there will be a BizTech Expo with technology and business vendors.  On January 15 a black tie event will be held by the Greater Wilmington Chamber of Commerce, with proceeds benefiting the Cape Fear Future initiative.  

A couple of big companies have signed contracts to hold their conventions here for the next couple of years.  This will bring added revenue to Wilmington NC and expose our area and all it’s natural treasures and great Wilmington NC real estate opportunities.  

Please explore our website for the most up to date listings of all Wilmington NC real estate and waterfront properties.  www.cbbaker.com or call us and we will personally select properties that will fit your real estate needs or portfolio.

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