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The Secret to Our Open House Success


beach3In today’s real estate environment in Wilmington, NC, more than ever, open houses are an effective marketing strategy. But, just to advertise the home in the Sunday paper and post a sign is not enough. An effective marketing campaign for open houses will prove to be a very successful open house and hopefully bring buyers to the table.

Our Open House Marketing Strategy

    1. Stage and landscape should begin 7-10 days prior to the open house. Sellers need to understand the importance of curb appeal and presentation. Some nice fresh flowers in the kitchen, potted plants on the front porch, fresh baked cookies  are all enhancements for an open house.
    2. Place strategic open house signs  5-7 days before the open house stating the day and time of the open house. I have found this creates a lot of interest even before the open house.
      3.   Direct mail pieces to the neighborhood and adjoining neighborhoods to let everyone know. Neighbors will call their friends to tell them about the open house.
        4.  Marketing blitz to top Realtors to let them know to send their clients over to view this home.


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TRENDING | What’s New and In Demand

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29 cu. ft. Whirlpool® French Door Refrigerator with Flexible Capacity ...If you’re buying a home, you probably already know what looks dated and what’s desired in today’s homes. If you’re selling your home, you may need a little help determining if your home is move-in ready and if buyers will sigh—relief or despair—when they get inside. Check with us before you start remodeling—as local trends move fast in our ever-changing real estate marketplace.

In: Top load, high-efficiency washing machines
Out: Front load, high-efficiency washing machines

In: White washers and dryers
Out: Colorful washers and dryers

In: Induction electric cooktop (stays cool to touch)
Out: Utilitarian cooktops without style

In: French door refrigerators with freezers on the bottom
Out: Side-by-side fridges with narrow shelves

In: “Smart” appliances that connect to phone apps
Out: Appliances that aren’t able to connect to the Internet

In: Quartz countertops that look like granite
Out: Laminate that looks like granite

In: Integrated sinks
Out: Stainless sinks

In: Backsplash tiles that extend all the way to the countertop
Out: 3–4″ back piece of counter that goes up the wall

In: Open shelves or glass-front cabinet doors in the kitchen
Out: All solid cabinet door

In: Larger showers with seats and body sprays
Out: Closed off, tiny showers

In: Grab bars that look like towel rods
Out: Grab bars that look like they came from the hospital

In: Framed mirrors
Out: Expansive, frameless wall mirrors

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Going it Alone Is a Tough Task for Home Sellers | Wilmington NC real estate

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Selling  your Wilmington NC real estate sounds simple. As a “For Sale By Owner,” all you have to do is put a sign in the yard, an ad in the paper, and stand back while the buyers come running to bid.

If you’re tempted to market your home without the aid and advice of a real estate professional, take a moment to ponder these questions: For Sale By Owner

  • Can you set a price on your home realistically and accurately?


      If you price your home too high, you’ll get few shoppers and help your neighbors sell their houses. Price it too low, and you’ll lose money. Local real estate markets change quickly, street by street, and unless you have the same information that real estate professionals receive daily, chances are you’ll set your price over or under current market value.
  • Are you prepared to spend possibly many days glued to your home?


      Shoppers come looking every day of the week and every hour of the day. Remaining ready for them to show unannounced can make you a permanent home sitter.
  • Are you able to reach a wide range of possible buyers?


      Experience shows more than 60% of home sales are made by matching a seller with a buyer from an extensive network of contacts. These contacts don’t come from ads but from a career of building relationships and the multiple listing service. Without that pool of qualified buyers to show your house to, self-sellers are reduced to expensive hit-or-miss advertising.
  • Can you be sure that the people entering your home are genuinely interested in buying, not in taking advantage of your “open house” and unprotected presence?


      Real estate professionals both screen house hunters and accompany them as they go through your rooms.
  • Are you experienced at negotiating and creating legal contracts?


      Buyers of homes sold by the owner typically offer much less than the asking price and may expect sellers without agents to share the “savings” on the brokerage commission.
  • Can you size up a potential buyer’s ability to finance the purchase of your home?


    Many weeks can be wasted waiting for mortgage approval that lenders can’t give to unqualified loan applicants. Real estate professionals routinely pre-qualify house hunters and show them only property they can afford. Real estate professionals don’t like to waste time either.

As trained real estate specialists, we’d like to help you sell your home. Not just because it’s our livelihood, but also because we’ve seen the many difficulties that have beset would-be “Sale By Owners” who came for help after their efforts failed. We’d like to do the same for you, saving you the hassle of trying to go it alone. The market has been strong, call us to talk about the possibility of selling your home or visit for advice.

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Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage does it again! | Wilmington NC real estate

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Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage does it again!  The Wilmington office on 1001 Military Cutoff just won a listing contest that was sponsored by Coldwell Banker Corporate.  The combined effort of all of our agents help win this honor.  The market has picked up and homes are selling.  The interest rate is below 4% so the buyers are starting to realize that now is a great time to buy.  To search all Wilmington NC real estate and to get seller and buyer advice, please visit or on your phone   

From Corporate:

Dear Tim:

 Coldwell Banker Real Estate recently completed a national listing contest in response to the trend of increased buyer demand and dropping inventories.  Led largely by your company’s efforts, the program helped generate more than 72,000 new listings from April 16 through June 15, 2012.

 As  you may recall, we segmented the contest by office size and Coldwell Banker region and I am very pleased to let you know that your Coldwell Banker Advantage/Sea Coast Realty Wilmington office won the contest for all Coldwell Banker Southern Region offices with over 100 agents!  Thanks again for your dedication to the Coldwell Banker brand and continued good luck in 2012.

 Budge Huskey

President and Chief Operating Officer| Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC

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