Whether you are selling a relatively new house or one that was built years ago, most buyers will want to make a final inspection before settlement. This walk-through should be scheduled long enough before settlement so any problems can be repaired before closing.What Buyers Typically Look For

  • Check out contingencies.
      The buyers will examine the house closely to see that any contingencies you agreed to have been resolved.
  • Unseen blemishes.
      Buyers look for any flaws that might have escaped their notice earlier. For instance, how does the house look without your furniture? Have any changes been made since the buyer saw the house before?
    • Consider a negotiated solution.
        In some cases, problems will have to be taken care of after settlement. Just make sure you have a written agreement to that effect (with a timetable specified), to avoid misunderstandings.

      • Buyers aren’t shy.
          Don’t be surprised if buyers ask lots of questions during the final walk-through. After all, this may be their last chance to become familiar with their soon-to-be home. Some have been known to bring an experienced inspector or consult a home maintenance book during the walk-through.
      • Expect any requests in writing.

If the buyers do have concerns after the walk-through, expect them to put their requests in writing as soon after the inspection as possible. We can help resolve any concerns.

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