Keep a close eye on all transactions in your checking, savings, mortgage, credit card and brokerage accounts on a regular basis, not just when statements come out. More tips:

  • Never open email attachments or click on links in email that appear to come from your bank or other financial entities.
  • Only provide sensitive data such as social security numbers, account numbers and personal info on phone calls that you have initiated.
  • Only visit your bank’s website by typing the web address directly into your browser window.
  • Before recycling, shred all paperwork that has sensitive info on it.
  • Remind all family members who have access to your accounts to follow the above rules at all times.
  • Keep an extra close watch on elderly family members who may not be as savvy about protecting their sensitive banking info.

If in doubt, contact your financial institution with anything—account activity, mail, calls, email—that look suspicious to you.