Free stock photo of house, windows, plants, doorIn today’s real estate environment, more than ever, open houses are an effective open house marketing strategy. But, just to advertise the home in the Sunday paper and post a sign is not enough. An effective marketing campaign for open houses will prove to be a very successful open house and hopefully bring buyers to the table.

My Open House Marketing Strategy

1. Stage and landscape should begin 7-10 days prior to the open house. Sellers need to understand the importance of curb appeal and presentation. Some nice fresh flowers in the kitchen, potted plants on the front porch, fresh baked cookies  are all enhancements for an open house.

2. Place strategic open house signs  5-7 days before the open house stating the day and time of the open house. I have found this creates a lot of interest even before the open house.

3. Direct mail pieces to the neighborhood and adjoining neighborhoods to let everyone know. Neighbors will call their friends to tell them about the open house.

4. Marketing blitz to top Realtors to let them know to send their clients over to view this home.

5. Place open house banners on all the websites available days ahead of time. Buyers will see this online and start planning to attend and sometimes they even make an appt to see the home in advance.

6. Advertise in the newspaper days ahead and of course, post an ad for the day of the open house.

7. I always have comparable sales information to present at the open house.

8. Remove brochures from the brochure box out front and bring them inside. This will entice the buyers to come in rather than taking a flyer and driving away.

You can always check out our open houses on my website at and the numerous other websites that I promote my listings on.