birdflyingIf you have a free weekend, take advantage of it to improve your home. You don’t need a lot of time or a stack of cash to make a big change to your living area this year.


Painting: If you’re not up to changing the colors of an entire room but still want to use color to make an impact, consider accenting a single wall to draw your eye to that area. Alternatively, paint a hallway, a closet or a small area to define a play space, office or other nook.

Rugs: Measure and visualize how an area rug can tie a room together. Find a suitable rug for a living room, dining room, bedroom or other area that needs some warmth.

Shelving: Are your closets a mess? Take measurements and visit your local home improvement store to get new shelving or an organizing system for your closet and start your new work week with order in your life!

Touch up: Sometimes a new coat of paint on trim is all that’s needed to enliven a room. Clean the trim, tape and paint. Work in defined sections so you can call a room—or two or more—complete before Monday dawns.