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Wherever you head for fun this summer, you don’t want mosquitoes to ruin your vacation. Here are a few tips for decreasing the chance of infestation:

Get rid of any standing water in the vicinity that could be used as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Check for water in watering pots, buckets, children’s swimming pools, pet dishes or plastic covers on furniture or grills.

If you have a children’s pool, birdbath or fountain, be sure to change the water each week.

Other places to check for standing water include around air-conditioning condenser units, in roof gutters or on flat roofs.

Swimming pools or hot tubs should be kept clean and covered. Chlorine-treated water makes an inhospitable place for mosquito larvae.

If all else fails, at least keep the mosquitoes outside the house by making sure all porch, door and window screens are tight and free of tears.

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Wilmington NC Real Estate 2014 Statistics

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Wilmington NC real estate

Wilmington NC real estate

Each month the Wilmington NC real estate market is improving.  The mortgage rates are still below 5% and home on the market are getting multiple offers.  Total units sold improved 18.27% from April to May 2014.  That is a nice indication of what the summer market will bring us.  Please call or email for any advice or insight on our local housing market.  To view all Wilmington NC real estate, we invite you to visit   Here you will be able to search by map, zip code, subdivision and schools.  Sign up for instant notification if something on your wish list hits the market.

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“There’s a big difference between a ‘handyman’s special’ and a ‘money pit.’”

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Looking for a fixer upper?

Let us do the leg work.  Tell us your criteria and we will send you a list asap.

Well-located homes in need of tender loving care can be a terrific value. If you’re interested in building “sweat equity” fixing up a home, hire a professional inspector to ensure the home won’t cost you a fortune to refurbish.

A worthy handyman’s special will be structurally sound with all major systems in good working order–heating/cooling, plumbing, electrical, roof. Those are the most costly items to repair or replace. Your time and effort will be better spent painting, making minor repairs, adding or replacing fixtures, sprucing up the landscaping, and accomplishing other low-cost fix-ups.


Our online report, TIRE KICKING: Secret Tests To Check A Property’s Condition, offers valuable tips for selecting a sound home. Read it, with absolutely no obligation. And be sure to give us a call to find out what’s on the market that meets your requirements.

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