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After a full day of house hunting in Wilmington NC, even the hardiest shopper has difficulty remembering each home visited. A selling display featuring your property’s benefits is a great way to be sure your home stands out in the shopper’s memory. We’ve used the following marketing strategies to successfully sell many homes. They could work for you too!

Creativity Counts

{short description of image}Your home’s memory points can be mounted attractively on a poster or in a looseleaf binder or photo album and displayed on your dining table or near the front door.

Home shoppers appreciate a memory-jogging take-home flyer, summarizing the display information for later study. The flyer should always include the property address, price, brief description and agent’s name and phone number.

Focus On Features

Each home will have its own outstanding features. When we talk about a marketing strategy for your home, we will consider what to include in your display and on the flyer. Here are some worthwhile ideas:

Capital improvements.

Include project description, year completed and your investment in the improvements.

Upgrades or replacements.

List new appliances, paint, wallpaper, attic fan — anything you’ve accomplished that buyers won’t have to do after move-in. Mention special features and benefits. For example: “Easy-care kitchen range with self-cleaning oven, sealed burners, electronic ignition, digital controls; 1992.”

Energy-saving features.

Cite money-saving extra insulation, high-efficiency heating/cooling system, thermal double-pane windows, etc.

Average annual utility bills.

Also mention affordable property taxes. Buyers want to know!

Floor plan.

Show room arrangement and dimensions. New-home builders and renovators can often provide floor plans, or one can be drawn for your home.

House illustrated.

Picture your home in your display and on the flyer. Architect’s renderings may be available from the original builder.

Gardening highlights.

Sketch the landscaping plan to show the work you’ve done. Identify trees and plants, especially if you have unusual ones. Provide photos of bushes and flowers in full bloom, if you’re selling off-season.

Pre-listing home inspection report.

Impress buyers with proof of your home’s excellent condition. Show receipts for correcting any problems the inspector noted.

Neighborhood map.

Highlight nearby schools, convenient transportation, shopping, parks, libraries, hospitals, and any other amenities or points of interest. Your kids can help color the map!

School data.

Feature excellent schools. Mention honors and awards, good student-teacher ratios, sports and athletics, drama presentations, and special programs (i.e. for learning disabilities or English as a second language).

Neighborhood information.

List neighborhood association dues (if any), annual community events, Neighborhood Watch programs, and the like. If yours is a friendly, quiet neighborhood, be sure buyers know it!

Community services.

Include helpful information such as days for recyclable-material and bulk trash pick-ups, availability of swimming pools, children’s summer day-camps, adult education, and so on.

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1,2,3 Home Buying Kit | Wilmington NC real estate

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Before you shop for your first home, read our First-Time Home Buyer Kit to help make your experience a pleasant one!

Click on the tabs below to find everything you need to know about buying your first home. Or, check out our other kits, identified below. Contact us for more assistance. We’ll be happy to help.

How Much
Can You Buy
Getting a
Buyer Kit | Seller Kit | Loan Kit | Relocation Kit | Contact Us

To start search all Wilmington NC real estate, please visit www.cbbaker.com or mobile.cbbaker.com

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NEGOTIATE: How To Buy The Home You Love At The Price You Want | Wilmington NC real estate

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Found the home of your dreams? Now the negotiations begin.The agent you’re working with can guide you through the process of making a purchase offer. You’ll want to start by learning as much as you can about how much the property is worth.

Check the comparables

spartanburgYour agent has up-to-the-minute price data at hand to help you analyze any comparable properties; just ask. Although every home is unique, here’s some of what makes a home “comparable” to the one you’re considering purchasing:

same neighborhood;
same age and condition;
same size lot;
same home style–equivalent living space, number of rooms and baths;
similar terms of sale.

Follow sales price trends

Ask about recent pricing trends in the neighborhood. Specifically, what has been the average difference between listing price and sales price for recent sales of comparable homes? What is the ratio of assessed tax value to market value?

Offer what you think the house is worth

Some asking prices have built-in padding, but others are already priced to sell. You could lose a well-priced home with a low-ball bid. Remember, a lower mortgage interest rate will allow you to borrow more and pay a higher price for a home without increasing your monthly payment.

Spell out the details

Consider getting a pre-purchase appraisal and home inspection. The appraisal will give an independent valuation of the property, and the inspection will help identify any potential problems you may have overlooked. Consider including a contingency making the contract subject to a satisfactory appraisal and inspection.

Evaluate contingencies

The contract can also be contingent upon an attorney’s review, previous home sale, and acceptable mortgage loan terms, etc. Contingencies are typically used to smooth acceptance of an offer without delaying the final decision. Too many contingencies, however, weaken your bargaining position.

Know what’s important to you

Prioritize the elements of the sale on paper (“must” and “want”) and decide where you have negotiating room–what you’ll give up or accept in exchange for a concession. Items frequently negotiated include adjustments for needed or requested repairs, what personal property stays and what goes with the seller, points and closing costs, and move-in date. Knowing exactly what you want and where you are willing to bargain is your most important negotiating tool.

Put everything in the first purchase offer

If the first offer is accepted it may be too late to add anything. Include a financial statement. Do all negotiating in writing with a deadline for a response, often 48 hours. You are free to cancel an offer until it is accepted by the seller. Require that your binder or deposit be held in an escrow account with the interest credited to you.

Be Patient

Negotiating could take several days. Be patient; you won’t want to rush into one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make.

We can help

If you’d like help finding your dream home, please call or e-mail us. We’ll help with your home search and will give you all the important information we can provide to help you make the right offer for the right home. bakerwyaneassocaites@ec.rr.com


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Home Selling In Wilmington NC

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jones 91011 268The market has been hot, the prices are going up and day’s on the market are decreasing.  There is an inventory shortage, so if you have been thinking of selling, now might be the right time.  We can help you decide if it is the right time.  For many years, we have achieved success in marketing properties to buyers in all market conditions and our proven track record of excellent negotiating skills coupled with enthusiasm, integrity, professionalism is truly the key to a successful sale of your home. We have been ranked in the top 1% of the Coldwell Banker agents nationwide and have been #1 agent in North Carolina for units sold. The teams strong performance record will ensure you the competitive edge.




If you are considering selling your home in the next 3-6 months, you are probably asking yourself questions like these:

  • Should I replace the tile counters in the bathroom with granite?
  • Does the wallpaper make the house look dated?
  • Is the cost of installing new kitchen cabinets worth the expense?
  • Do I need to put on a new the roof or can I just have it inspected and replace the deteriorated areas?
  • Is it necessary to paint all the interior walls, or would touching-up the obvious areas work just as well?
  • Would installing new carpets and/or refinishing the wood floors be worth the expense?
  • What about exterior paint-should I have the house painted before putting it on the market, or use that as a bargaining point in negotiating the sale?

These are all good questions. And none of them has an easy yes or no answer. Your home is unique, as is the neighborhood you live in.

Part of my expertise is helping sellers prepare their homes with the right improvements that bring in top dollar. I would be happy to stop by and do a simple walk-through to point out areas to focus on to improve your house\’s market value-as well as what projects will not likely give you a good return on your money or time.

There is no charge for this service. My goal is to be the neighborhood expert. The more neighbors I talk to and the more familiar I become with the homes in our neighborhood, the better level of service I can offer to families moving into our area.

If you are interested in having me doing this free walk-through to get your house market-ready, please feel give me a call or email me. I’ll also do my best to answer any other questions you have.

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IN/OUT What’s In, What’s Out For 2014 Buyers & Sellers| Wilmington NC real estate

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What’s In, What’s Out For 2014 Buyers & Sellers


For the past few years the Wilmington NC housing market hasn’t been easy for home buyers or sellers. Waves of distressed sales, dropping prices, tightened mortgage standards…then rising prices, bidding wars, low inventory…oh, my…pot holes along the path to homeownership lurked around every corner.

Good news. The 2014 housing market is shaping up to be one of the best in years for both buyers and sellers. In this Special Issue we’ll take a look at what’s IN and OUT for housing in the year ahead to help you make smart real estate decisions. No question: The best way to beat the 2014 market is to get “ahead of the curve” and know how the coming changes impact your home buying power and your home selling options.

Don’t stress. We’ll be your guide. Our local expertise will help you navigate today’s IN’s and OUT’s of buying or selling a home while avoiding the pitfalls even smart consumers make.

To learn what’s on our real estate horizon — and how to make the 2014 market work for you — keep reading.



Fair & Final

In a rising real estate market, it’s best to make any offer your best and final price on the first go-round. Making a solid purchase offer (price and terms) gives you the best chance to get the house you want in this market. This is especially important when bidding wars erupt on the most-desirable properties or all-cash investors try to capture a bargain. Fair and final is IN.


Home prices are going up, inventory remains low, distressed home sales inventory is dropping. Low-ball offers waste everyone’s time. We can guide you on rare exceptions, but you shouldn’t expect to get a home for a fraction of its listing price. Low-balling is OUT in 2014.


Make your home purchase offer stand out by eliminating as many contingencies and requests as possible. If you can be flexible and streamlined with your offer, it will be more appealing to the home seller. With an expected increase in offers per property, flexibility is IN to make your offer stand out.

Online Valuations

The convenience of online valuation sites is tempting, but the numbers there are only as good as the public data is recent. Real-time real estate markets are often too fluid and sites may not be able to keep up. Tip: use sites for reference only.

Shopping Lenders

It’s not just enough to compare interest rates, but you need to compare different loan products and banks to get the best deal for your financial situation. Comparison shopping for lenders and loans is IN in 2014.

Rock-Bottom Bargains

With the number of foreclosures, short sales and distressed sales dropping, it’s harder to find a steal-of-a-deal these days. This year you’ll need to research first, look closely and act fast to get the home you want at the best possible price.


Share This!

Don’t keep great home buying and selling information to yourself. When you’re done with this newsletter, please pass it along to friends, family and other contacts who are looking to make a move this year. Thank you for your referrals!



Quick Deals

With buyers being more flexible, being pre-qualified for a home loan and eager to move in, sellers need to be prepared to move out quickly…and into a new home or temporary quarters promptly. Being prepared is IN in 2014.

One Selling Season

The notion of the busy spring selling season is giving way to the year ’round selling season. Sellers sell when they need to, not because of the time of year. Buyers are looking to buy homes all year long as well, meaning a successful sale is attainable at any time.

Watching Appraisals

In a changing market, it’s not uncommon to have homes appraise for lower than contract prices. Ensure your appraiser knows all the home’s features and recent comparables to make sure your home’s purchase isn’t canceled or delayed if the appraisal comes in too low.

Strategic Default

With more options for homeowners, more programs to help those underwater with mortgages, and rising prices, homeowners don’t need to walk away from homes — or pay at closing to pay off their loan. Many different, streamlined selling and restructuring options exist to help homeowners.

Niche Marketing

If your home is a rental (or would be a perfect rental), highlight that with details. If your home is in a great school district, within walking distance to public transportation, has low energy costs, prominently feature these facts online or in a flyer, powerpoint or poster in the kitchen. Buyers want to know as much as they can about your house and sometimes only you are the best person to tell them. Merchandising your home creatively is IN for 2014.


Homes are expected to appreciate in many markets in 2014 compared with the past several years. Price appreciation varies, especially when looking at a specific area of the county, city, neighborhood or even small “micro-market” pockets related to local economic conditions this year.

Sellers’ Market

Generally speaking, 2014 will be a good year to sell because our local real estate market is leaning in sellers’ favor this year. With a continued low inventory of homes available for sale, buyers will be competing for fewer properties, meaning your priced-right, move-in-ready home will sell.

Local Experts

As always, we provide the most up-to-date information as of press time — but check in with any real estate question anytime — relying on our local real estate expertise is always IN.

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