“Exterior maintenance is the key to increasing property values.”

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“Curb appeal” isn’t just important when you’re ready to sell your home. The better your home looks day in and day out, the better your neighborhood looks. And that attracts the attention of buyers and future buyers.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, how you care for your home will influence how your neighbors care for theirs. Human nature is, after all, competitive. Few people can resist the urge to “keep up with the Joneses.” So become the Jones family, setting a high standard that will create demand for your neighborhood–and boost home appreciation rates too! Take photos of the outside of the home, front and back.  Look to see how you could improve it.  Get a book on Fung she landscaping from the library.  Pay special attention to the front door.  This is what greets people and sets an impression.  Take a look at your mailbox.  Is it old and rusty? Get rid of it if it is.  It is part of the scenery of your front yard.  For more tips, please visit our selling section on www.cbbaker.com


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How to Win the Mortgage Game When Relocating | Wilmington NC real estate

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Money Scale The single smartest move you can make is to put off Wilmington NC house hunting until you have a firm idea of your buying power. If you are pre-approved for a loan, you can save considerable time house hunting and mortgage shopping.

A pre-approved mortgage loan is an excellent guideline to help relocating home buyers know how much home they can afford. For the seller, pre-approval is proof that the buyer’s lender feels confident a loan commitment would not be a problem if all the financial documentation were in order.Pre-Approval Benefits:

  • Streamlines house hunting.
      A pre-approval identifies how much money the transferee can obtain, so precious time isn’t wasted looking at too-costly homes.
  • Offers peace of mind.
      You know for sure how much home you can afford, and there is little chance a lender will not make the requested commitment.
  • Prevents “house poor” homeowners.
      Pre-approval reduces the possibility of you becoming overextended and unable to meet payments later on.
  • Boosts bargaining power.
      Pre-approved buyers tend to be in an advantageous position when bidding against other buyers, as sellers like knowing your loan is guaranteed.
  • Pinpoints best mortgage option.
    The pre-approval process helps you identify ahead of time which type of mortgage best meets your personal needs.

Before you jump into planning your move, there are some terrific services we offer to relocating families moving into or out of our area. Let us help you take advantage of them. Send us an e-mail or give us a call. Please visit www.cbbaker.com for more information.

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Hampstead, NC, an unincorporated area of Pender County, is just north of Wilmington on Hwy 17. Hampstead offers lower cost of living and is becoming very popular for many retirees, especially from the Northeast. In fact, families from all over have come to call Hampstead home. Hampstead, NC real estate information is at your fingertips by contacting Baker Wayne and Associates today.



Hampstead is bordered on the east by the intracoastal waterway and Topsail Island. This area is rich in all types of water recreational opportunities and golf. You can enjoy boating, fishing, kayaking, camping or just a round of golf at one of the nearby courses.

Hampstead is also home to some of the best schools in North Carolina. There are three elementary schools:  read rest of story here….

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“There’s lots of opportunity in an empty nest.” Wilmington NC real estate

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By the time the kids are grown and gone, many homeowners have built-up considerable equity in their homes–they may even own them outright. Often, too, they find their homes too large for just two people to live in and maintain. It’s a perfect time to liquidate the home investment and look for a better, more cost-effective alternative.

If you are approaching retirement, think about selling your home and purchasing a smaller, less expensive place to live. Chances are you’ll have money left over for investments that could generate additional income. The market is great and there are opportunities out ther to downsize.  Let us know if we can help you.  A Trends report will be generated on your neighborhood to let you see just how the market is.  Start looking on www.cbbakre.com

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