Did you know that within 15 seconds, a real estate buyer has already developed an opinion of your property? This is why establishing the right first impression is critical to achieving a successful sale. The following is an outline of those elements which create the overall first impression including suggestions on how to make sure the buyer reacts as favorably as possible.

The Model Home Effect

The best way to make a buyer “feel at home” is to create an environment similar to that found in a model home. Obviously, you cannot recreate the feeling of a perfect displayed home without starting from scratch, but there are some valuable techniques to be learned.

When walking into a model home, you will notice key points:

  • The environment is neutral
  • The colors and interior decorating accent the homes features
  • The smell is new and clean
  • The sound is either quiet or enhanced by subtle background music
  • All details are looked after from the manicuring of the lawn to a floral arrangement in the entry.

I will show you how to achieve many of the same effects of a model home when preparing your property for sale. The most surprising fact of all is that these can be accomplished while spending little time and money!

The Home Front

Your property’s landscaping is not limited to the lawn and shrubs, but encompasses everything from the street to your doorstep. You, for this reason, must make sure each component of the visual landscape looks its best. The real estate industry refers to this as “curb appeal”.

Through the Buyer’s Eyes

  • Does your yard look well maintained?
  • Are the decks and patios clean?
  • Does your house need painting?
  • A fresh coat of paint can be one of the best investments you can make to increase the value of the home.

Appeal to the Senses

LIGHT. People react more favorable to property shown under bright light.

COLOR. A fundamental rule when selling your house is to keep colors neutral and light.

SOUND. The sounds of peace and quiet are some of the best sounds to have when your house is being shown to a prospective buyer.

SMELL. Smell has more impact than you might expect. It can work for or against you. For a real heart-warming touch, place a dish of vanilla in a warm oven to create the aroma of fresh baked cookies or bread. The smell of cleanliness is important. Fresh smells from flowers should be in the air.

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