With the housing market beginning to rebound, many sellers are starting to ask “where is my offer”? Well, please understand that it is still a buyer’s market. Even though the numbers are starting to point to a rebound, sellers will still need to be diligent in the house selling process.

1. Be careful not to overprice your home. If you are truly motivated to sell in a short length of time, you will need to price it under the market. There are still sellers who think their home is exceptional and should be higher priced. Do not make this mistake. Price your home aggressively.

2.Do not ignore or reject an offer. Any offer is worth negotiating these days, no matter how low. You never know what the buyer is thinking. He may be willing to pay your price.

3.Do not miss the window of opportunity to prepare your home for showing and stage your home. Home sellers need to make your home shine and stand out from the competition. Home buyers have their choice and can be very selective.

4. Sellers need to be knowledgeable of all the competition. Take the time to go look at some of the homes on the market.

5. Sellers should vacate the home during open houses and showings. Buyers are much more willing to take their time and look at everything if the seller is not at home.

6. Be sure to choose an experienced agent with local knowledge and internet presence to market your home.

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