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 The 6th Annual Justice 4 ALL day will be this Friday March 1, 2012 from 7 am – to 7pm. 

North Carolina residents may call in with any legal question they may have and they may be offered referral resources.  The NC Bar lawyers will have the phones manned with volunteers.  There are  7 call centers in NC.  These are the numbers to call for your area of the State.

N.C. residents who reside in the viewing area of the stations are encouraged to call the toll-free numbers and view coverage of the event throughout the day. Personal visits are not permitted, and calls to the call center’s normal phone numbers cannot be transferred. Asheville: (800) 289-0013; Charlotte: (866) 616-4255; Greensboro: (877) 391-6179; Greenville: (888) 616-0614; Raleigh: (800) 424-9725; Wilmington: (888) 442-3428; Spanish-Language Call Center: 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m., (855) 455-4255.

If you need Real Estate advice, please call us 800-497-7325-3607 or email bakerwayneassociates@ec.rr.com – please visit  www.cbbaker.com

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2013 Wilmington NC real estate Market | Setting the sales price | Inventory is Low

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The Market has been hot and the inventory is low.

Right Sales Price For Seller Is Buyer’s Call

Proper pricing is critical to a timely sale in any market. Yet, some home sellers today still want to set their price in relation to what their neighbors have sold for or are asking now, sometimes ignoring current market conditions and the differences between homes. When pricing a home — especially in today’s housing market — we find it’s helpful for sellers to understand what governs a buyer’s decision to purchase.

Here’s a quick look at how buyers view price:

  • Monthly payments are usually more important to buyers than the sales price.

  • The “out of pocket” cash needed at settlement/closing is a big factor with buyers.

  • All buyers want to cash in on a good deal.

  • Buyers have often shopped the competition and know how your home compares.

  • Buyers recognize value and shy away from overpriced homes.

  • Buyers don’t want to pay for your mistakes (paying too much when you purchased, over-improving the home, poor-quality remodeling jobs, etc.).

  • Buyers have no interest in how much money you need to realize from the sale to make your next move.

  • Buyers who work with a buyer’s agent mean business. They are ready to negotiate and close a deal.

Look at your competition and compare… www.cbbaker.com for all your Wilmington NC real estate needs.

Your Future Is Now
No matter what your 2013 move may be in real estate, we have you covered. Our professional services can help you sell your home and find a new home to love — or help you with a smart investment purchase. We are your go-to people for all your real estate needs all year long. Feel free to contact us whether you’re just in the information-gathering stage or you’re ready to make your move. We look forward to working with you!
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Buy Your Second Home Now Before Another Boomer Gets It! | Wilmington NC real estate

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You’re someone who knows the value of real estate.

Like you, our clients have seen their personal residence grow in value over the years. They know the only thing better than one valuable property is two valuable properties. The secret is timing. Knowing when to buy BEFORE demand sends prices up.

That’s exactly what experts are predicting will happen to vacation homes soon. In fact, every 7 seconds a baby boomer turns 50, and these “boomers” are beginning to influence second home demand. There has never been a better time than now to buy a second home.

As a neighborhood real estate specialist, we don’t sell beyond our market. But once we know your interests, we’d be happy personally to put you in touch with a pro in the best position to help you. Please give us a call soon. Looking forward to talking with you.

P.S. In the meantime, you can get immediate, expert advice on finding the perfect vacation home to fit you lifesytle. Click here now for our FREE e-Report, PLAY SMART: Savvy Tips On Buying A Vacation Home. You’ll be glad you did!

Start your Wilmington NC real estate search on www.cbbaker.com or on your phone at mobile.cbbaker.com



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January 2013 Wilmington NC real estate Statistics

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Great news for Wilmington NC real estate!  January 2013 numbers are in and the market is looking great compared to January 2012 .  All the numbers are up except Days on Market, which is a great thing.  It looks like the market is slowly climbing back up.

Total Units Sold Average Sales Price Median Sales Price Total Dollars DOM New Listings
12-Jan 263 201,377 159,950 52,962,276 160 708
13-Jan 332 211,391 168,375 70,181,671 135 911
#  Difference 69 10,014 8,425 17,219,395 -25 203
% Difference 26.24% 4.97% 5.27% 32.51% -15.63% 28.67%







For all the stats from prior year please visit here….

To view our local real estate market, please visit www.cbbaker.com.  The market has been hot.  Homes are getting multiple offers, which is something we have not seen in awhile.  Looking forward to a healthy spring and summer.

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Today’s Homes Are Built And Modified “Eco”nomically

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As energy prices increase and the nation searches for cheaper renewable resources, the housing industry has been improving the way it builds and remodels homes. Today’s homes and building materials are more environmentally responsible than ever–conserving resources, using recycled materials and building for longevity.

The National Association of Home Builders reports the following “green” innovations. Be sure to look for them if you’re shopping for a new home or consider installing them if you’re remodeling or repairing a home you already own.

  • More-durable roof coverings

such as steel and fiber-cement

  • More and better insulation

in walls and attics, conserving energy, lowering utility bills and reducing pollution related to energy production

  • OSB (Oriented Strand Board) and laminated fiberboard

made from smaller younger trees, replacing plywood on roofs and board sheathing in walls, both made from larger, older trees

  • Greater use of carpet, sheet vinyl and laminates

rather than wood flooring that taxes lumber supplies

  • Foundation insulation

to reduce energy loss while providing more-comfortable floors

  • Insulated exterior doors and windows with insulating and low-E glass

to keep homes more comfortable and energy efficient

  • Vinyl siding and fiber cement siding

, reducing the use of cedar, redwood and other wood products

  • High-efficiency heating, cooling, and water-heating equipment

to cut energy consumption

  • Water-saving appliances and plumbing fixtures

to reduce water use. They also require less energy to heat water

  • Factory-built components

, such as trusses and pre-hung doors, resulting in more-economical use of materials than cutting wood on the job site

  • Recycled plastic “lumber”

instead of weather-resistant woods (e.g., redwood) for decks, porches, trim and fencing

  • High-efficiency refrigerators

that use less energy and operate using refrigerants that have less potential impact on the ozone layer

  • Passive solar designs

using the sun’s “free” energy to help heat homes

  • Xeriscaping

, which employs native plants that can thrive with little or no extra watering

  • Tree preservation

around homes to provide shade, reducing summer energy costs.

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