Celebrate the end of 2012 | Welcome in 2013…. what to do in Wilmington NC.

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Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.
`Helen Keller

Celebrate the end of 2012 | Welcome in 2013…. What  to do in Wilmington NC.  Have a safe and relaxing New Years.  Baker Wayne and Associates.  www.cbbaker.com


Island of Lights Festival: New Year’s Eve Celebration
December 31, 2012 9:00 PM
Kure Beach Pier
K Avenue

Fundraiser- Cape Fear Coastline New Year

December  31
Coastline Convention Center

Proceeds benefit Women of Hope. PURCHASE TICKETS ONLINE.

Music, food, drinks and fun

A Night at the Moulin Rouge

Mon, December 31st 2012
Two seatings: 6:00pm and 9:00pm



 Masquerade Ball to benefit The Centre of Redemption

December 31st 2012
9:00pm – 1:00am
St. Thomas Preservation Hall

Purchase tickets HERE

Special Event Cruises-New Years Eve

New Year’s Eve Celebration Cruise

December 31   9:00 PM
Henrietta III Riverboat


New Year’s Eve Comedy Show: Timmy Sherrill and Friends

December 31, 2012
8:00 PM

Nutt Street Bar & Comedy Room


The Soapbox’s New Year’s Eve Party

December 31, 2012   8:00 PM




New Year’s Eve Parrot Head Party

December 31, 2012   8:00 PM

The Lazy Pirate


New Year’s Eve Dance Party

December 31, 2012 $40.00


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Going it Alone Is a Tough Task for Home Sellers | Wilmington NC real estate

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Selling  your Wilmington NC real estate sounds simple. As a “For Sale By Owner,” all you have to do is put a sign in the yard, an ad in the paper, and stand back while the buyers come running to bid.

If you’re tempted to market your home without the aid and advice of a real estate professional, take a moment to ponder these questions: For Sale By Owner

  • Can you set a price on your home realistically and accurately?


      If you price your home too high, you’ll get few shoppers and help your neighbors sell their houses. Price it too low, and you’ll lose money. Local real estate markets change quickly, street by street, and unless you have the same information that real estate professionals receive daily, chances are you’ll set your price over or under current market value.
  • Are you prepared to spend possibly many days glued to your home?


      Shoppers come looking every day of the week and every hour of the day. Remaining ready for them to show unannounced can make you a permanent home sitter.
  • Are you able to reach a wide range of possible buyers?


      Experience shows more than 60% of home sales are made by matching a seller with a buyer from an extensive network of contacts. These contacts don’t come from ads but from a career of building relationships and the multiple listing service. Without that pool of qualified buyers to show your house to, self-sellers are reduced to expensive hit-or-miss advertising.
  • Can you be sure that the people entering your home are genuinely interested in buying, not in taking advantage of your “open house” and unprotected presence?


      Real estate professionals both screen house hunters and accompany them as they go through your rooms.
  • Are you experienced at negotiating and creating legal contracts?


      Buyers of homes sold by the owner typically offer much less than the asking price and may expect sellers without agents to share the “savings” on the brokerage commission.
  • Can you size up a potential buyer’s ability to finance the purchase of your home?


    Many weeks can be wasted waiting for mortgage approval that lenders can’t give to unqualified loan applicants. Real estate professionals routinely pre-qualify house hunters and show them only property they can afford. Real estate professionals don’t like to waste time either.

As trained real estate specialists, we’d like to help you sell your home. Not just because it’s our livelihood, but also because we’ve seen the many difficulties that have beset would-be “Sale By Owners” who came for help after their efforts failed. We’d like to do the same for you, saving you the hassle of trying to go it alone. The market has been strong, call us to talk about the possibility of selling your home or visit www.cbbaker.com for advice.

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Invest Your Rent | Stop Paying Your Landlords Mortgage | Wilmington NC real estate

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The only one who benefits from a rent check is the landlord. Renters never see that money again, while homeowners usually profit when they sell. In addition, renters can’t use any of their rent payment as a tax deduction, like homeowners can. If you or someone you know is renting, it’s time to put that rent check to better use!

The mortgage-interest deduction is probably the best financial argument for buying rather than renting. Consider this example:

If you can afford a mortgage payment of $1,000 (principal and interest only), you can buy a house for $151,426 if you put 10% down on a 30-year mortgage at 8% interest. If your payments started in January, you would pay $10,862 in interest for the first year in the home. That entire amount is deductible on your federal income tax return! Assuming you are in the 27.5% tax bracket, you would save $2,989 in taxes, or $249 per month. So your $1,000 payment is really only $751 when you factor in the homeowner’s tax advantage.

Can A Renter Really Afford To Buy?

The real question is whether renters can afford not to buy. The tax savings alone make the purchase of a home a wise financial decision. But let’s go a step further.

Using the same example, a 10% down payment would create an immediate equity of $15,142. Assuming the $151,426 house grows in value by just 3% a year, in five years it would be worth $175,544. The original loan amount would then be down to $129,565, yielding an equity of $45,980. In addition, remember the nearly $3,000 tax savings every year. The total value of your equity and tax savings would be almost $61,000 after five years.

Pick A Loan

To take advantage of the financial benefits of homeownership, renters must first find out how much buying power they have. We can help. Call us for information about the whole range of mortgage options now available, including low- and no-down-payment loans, and programs that allow buyers wrap home-improvement costs and closing costs into the mortgage.

Plan Ahead

Although some lenders allow buyers to use up to 41% of monthly income to purchase a house, beware of becoming “house rich and cash poor.” Be sure to budget for homeownership costs beyond the mortgage, including expenses for:

decorating and furnishing
homeowners insurance
property taxes
homeowners association fees (if any)
utilities-power, water, sewer, cable, trash pick-up
yard tools, supplies and general upkeep
home repairs, supplies, cleaning and upgrades.

Today, homeownership is a wonderful dream-come-true for more people than ever before. Let us help turn those dreams into a home to be proud of.  Call us for help – 910-202-3607 or bakerwaynassociates@ec.rr.com .  View Wilmington NC real estate on www.cbbaker.com.

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HOLIDAY HELP | How To Turn Your Holiday Listing Into A Fast Year-End Sale | Wilmington NC real estate

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Thinking about selling your home fast? With home-sale inventory down 20% nationally versus last year at this time, the holidays are a great time to list your home for sale — even as the busy season approaches.

Hot trends that favor home sellers today include increased buyer traffic, fewer foreclosures to compete with and underwater homeowners staying off the market until their home’s value increases. It’s clear that now is a great time to be a home seller! Add to that the traditional drop in inventory during the holidays and selling during this time of the year looks even smarter this year.

 Motivated buyers are out there, especially must-move-now buyers that need a home with the New Year. What are you waiting for? Here are some tips for adding a happy home sale to your holiday season.

 Clean Benefits
Having your home on the market during the holidays means it needs to be in ready-to-show condition on short notice. This showcase cleanliness may add to your holiday to-do list but knowing your home is always spic and span means you won’t have to worry about hosting last-minute or planned get-togethers.

 Sensible Decor
Winter holidays can mean gatherings at your home with family and friends. Although you’ll want your home to look festive, also ensure that it’s welcoming to all potential home buyers. The key is to not overly decorate (and thereby hide) attractive features of your home such as fireplaces, stairways, doorways, bay windows, etc. Keep your decorating to a minimum and seasonally themed, as opposed to holiday-specific, to make the style neutral.

 Be Perfect Online
Remember, during the holidays your home is competing for buyer attention not just with other homes, but with all the holiday chores and events on buyers’ schedules. The easiest way for them to check out a home is by looking at photos online. Make sure your home’s photos are plentiful and attractive. Consider including a video tour, floor plans, maps to give buyers a compelling reason to view your home in person — quickly.

 Entertain Offers
Don’t forget that home buyers touring homes in December and right after New Year’s are serious. The offers they make mean business, and you’re more likely to quickly reach common ground with these buyers on price and terms. Treat each offer seriously and respond quickly. They are as eager to buy fast as you are to sell.

 Prioritize Selling
The holidays can wreak havoc on your usual schedule. Holidays, school breaks, family visits and gatherings combined may leave little time for allowing buyers to tour your home and for you to address their interest. It’s important to prioritize selling your home during this busy season. Keep your calendar up-to-date and handy so you know exactly how to position your home’s availability for maximum showings.

 Competition Bonus
Selling during the holidays isn’t for everyone, but those who choose to put their home on the market face less competition from other home sellers. This means your home can shine in comparison to the small selection on the market and has an overall better chance of catching the eye of a serious buyer.

 Warm Welcome
With shorter days and less natural light, focus on making your home look light, bright and welcoming to buyers touring in the late afternoon and evening. Reassess your lighting situation in each room and be sure to turn on every fixture to highlight the features of your home. You are in control of how your home appears to potential buyers, so take time to showcase it well.

 Real Pros
Real estate professionals who make their clients “job one” — like us — are available during the holidays to get your home listed and sold quickly. Feel free to contact us with your questions and let us show you how listing your home now can be a great time to get it sold!

 For more helpful hints please visit www.cbbaker.com

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SELL OR REMODEL – How To Get The Most For Your Money | Wilmington NC real estate

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Do the walls seem to be closing in on you? Are your cupboards and closets overflowing with stuff? Can you see more toys than flooring at your feet? If so, you need more space. And your choices are remodel your home, move to a larger one, or move to a home that you want to remodel.

How can you decide which approach is best for you? Start by considering your priorities. If you are basically happy with your current location, the relative cost of your options is likely to make the decision for you.

Wish List

Take an inventory of your current house to determine whether remodeling will work for you. Look at each room. Do all of them need help? If so, remodeling may be too expensive and a move might be your only practical choice. If just one area of the house needs work that can be accomplished by bumping out a wall or adding on, then remodeling may be the correct move for you. Consider what you would have to do to the basic structure of your house to arrive at your dream home.


How much money can you afford to spend? Would you need a construction loan to remodel, or would you take money out of your home’s equity? If you must borrow money to remodel, will the cost of the loan, combined with your existing mortgage payment, be more than the monthly payments for a new home with the space and amenities you want? Moving may be easier and less expensive.

Calculate how much it would cost you to replace your current home with one that meets your needs. What improvements could you make to your current home for the same investment? Will a new addition of, say, a master bedroom suite, be enough to satisfy your desire for a new look and more space? Or do you need more living space all over the house?

Is your desire for newer amenities the driving force for a new home? If you’re looking to modernize wiring and plumbing or increase hi-tech capabilities, it might be better to move into a house that already has these features.


Most homeowners start remodeling with the kitchen or a bathroom, both of which can cost a fair amount of money to upgrade but also show better-than average payback at sale time. Will it be a worthwhile investment? The answer depends on the type of payoff you’re looking for.

If you decide to remodel, don’t expect to recoup the funds spent on home improvements when you eventually sell the property. Some remodeling projects are likely to be far more financially rewarding than others, yet few yield a 100% return. If you can keep costs down, however, perhaps by doing some of the work yourself, your project might pay you back in full at sale time, maybe even show a profit. Remember, though, the primary reason for remodeling is to meet your living needs, not to make your house worth more.

The point of some projects is simply to bring a house up-to-date. Remodeling a 1960s-era kitchen would make your home more competitive (at sale time) with 21st Century homes. A new kitchen would almost certainly increase your home’s value compared with neighborhood homes that haven’t been upgraded.

Recognizing Limits

Don’t make the expensive mistake of remodeling your house just to sell it faster or at a higher price. You’ll waste your money, frustrating your ability to move into a home that better meets your own needs. Put your current home on the market in clean, well-cared-for condition, but save your money to redesign or decorate your next, more-spacious house.

Also, be careful when remodeling or expanding your home that you don’t over-improve. Remember, your home’s value reflects (and is limited by) the value of homes in your immediate neighborhood.

House Or Community?

For some homeowners, the community or lifestyle they enjoy in their current home is a great reason to stay put. You can’t buy a sense of community — it’s something you develop over the years. If you are unwilling to trade familiarity, friends and neighborhood for a larger home in another area, then remodeling could be the best solution.

As you consider remodeling, however, be sure your current neighborhood can carry the evolved house. If yours is the only house in the community that has been bumped out or up, it may be difficult to sell eventually, and you’re not likely to recoup much of your remodeling investment.

Don’t forget to check local zoning laws and homeowner association limitations if you intend to add on to the dwelling. If your house already takes up a large portion of the lot, local zoning may limit how much more house you can build.

As you consider improvements to your home, keep in mind that landscaping and exterior appearance will attract buyers to your home. Once they get inside, they’ll be looking for functionality, durability and convenience.

Before taking on remodeling projects or major additions to your home, give us a call to see if we can help you find an existing home that meet your needs.

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