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How Do You Prove You Had It………

When You Don’t Have It Anymore?

Have you counted your silverware lately? Cataloged your coin collection? Inventoried your attic treasures? If you lost them, would you be able to prove to your insurance company you actually possessed what you say you owned? Could you prove how much those lost items were worth? There are lots of ways you could lose some or all of your possessions–flood, fire or other natural disaster, moving, burglary. In attempting to recover your losses, having a comprehensive inventory on hand could be worth many thousands of dollars.

Here are some suggestions for compiling and storing a household inventory.

  • Ask your insurance company for a room-by-room form to help you make your inventory or use a computer software program designed for the same purpose.
  • Do your counting while you’re in the process of spring or fall cleaning–or as you move from one home to another.
  • Work in small doses, one room at a time.
  • Be as specific as possible in your listing. Note the date of purchase and the purchase price. Describe the item in detail, including serial number.
  • Some items increase in value over time. Be sure to get updated appraisals on antiques, jewelry and other valuables periodically.
  • If you’ve kept purchase receipts–always a good idea, especially for big-ticket items–keep them with your inventory.
  • To supplement your description, make photographs or a video of your things.
  • Update your inventory at least annually and when you purchase more-expensive items.
  • Make a copy of your inventory, keeping one at home and placing the other one in a safe place elsewhere–perhaps in a safe deposit box or with a relative.

Check with your insurance company about getting replacement-cost coverage if you don’t already have it. Rather than giving you the depreciated value of a lost or damaged item, for a slightly higher premium replacement-cost coverage will give you the full amount necessary to buy a similar new item at current prices.

Also, note the limits on your policy for various types of items. If, for example, you own jewelry worth in excess of the policy’s limit for jewelry, talk with your agent about picking up a rider policy to cover the full worth.

You have spent your lifetime making your home a home.  Keep it that way.  For all the latest Wilmington NC real estate trends, please visit


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HURRAY! Iron Man 3 to Film at Screen Gems Studio | Wilmington NC real estate

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Well it is official.  Screen Gems Studio and Wilmington NC will be host to the filming of IRon Man III.  Welcome to our great town.  Enjoy.


So why is Gov. Perdue coming to Wilmington today to Screen Gems Studio to make an announcement?  We shall know at 2:30 pm.  North Carolina beat out Michigan in posssible places to film Iron Man 3.  Aaron Syrett, director of the N.C. Film Office sent out an email last night to members of the state film council about the visit.  The studio has made a call for crew members for another production, rumor has it that it is really for Iron Man 3.  More later after 2:30 today.  Cross those fingers and get ready to say “Welcome to Wilmington Iron Man III” we hope…..

Rumors abound.  According to the Latino Review, a website that reviews and researches films, director Shane Black  is scouting the Wilmington NC area to film Iron Man 3.  The previous versions have all been filmed in Los Angeles and the thought is that the director would like a change of scenery for the sequel.  Screen Gems Studio is home to many movies and television shows.  Currently “One Tree Hill” and “Eastbound and Down” are being filmed in the area.  Colin Firth and Emily Blunt will start filming in the area for ” Arthur Newman – Golf Pro” in October.  If the rumor is true Iron Man will be taking over 10 of Screen Gems sound stages and set designs are rumored to have already started.  Filming should start in June 2012 and the release should be May 3, 2013.  The budget for Iron Man 2 was $200 million and this film should have a similar budget.  We welcome you Shane Black, Robert Downey Jr.  and crew.  You will love Wilmington NC and the creative crew at Screen Gems Studio.  You will also love the people of Wilmington NC, who make the city we live in “perfect”.

If you see the area and want to look at real estate please feel free to search on for virtual tours, videos, photos and more.


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Desire Change in Your Life | Put your Home’s Equity to Work | Wilmington NC real estate

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Put Your Home’s Equity To Work

With Six Savvy Strategies

Do you have idle equity sitting in your home that could be building wealth instead? One of the great aspects of homeownership is that you increase your wealth every month by building equity in your home and reducing your tax bill at the same time.

After you’ve been in your home a few years, you may have some equity that you could put to work for you. Even if the property has appreciated by just a few percentage points per year, significant equity can build up fairly quickly. Just be sure you retain enough equity that you’ll be able to pay a real estate agent’s commission when you sell the home.

Home equity loans are the most common means of tapping a home’s value. In states where home equity loans are not allowed, however, you can still put your home’s value to work by refinancing it for more than you currently owe–a “cash out” refinancing.

The first way most homeowners think of using their equity is to pay off high-interest debt. That’s one popular option, but you could also invest that equity in other ways. Here are six more ways to put your equity to work for you.

1. Trade Up

Using your equity as a down payment for a larger home could make financial sense. If you’re in a $200,000 home now and it appreciates by 5% each year, your gain is $10,000 for the first year. In five years, that home would be worth $255,256. But in a $275,000 home, that same 5% growth would be $13,750 for the first year. After five years, the more-expensive home would be worth $350,977 — nearly $100,000 more than the less-expensive home.

Of course, you may not be able to count on 5% appreciation every year. It could be higher or lower, depending on the state of the economy and market conditions. Not to worry, though. Even 2% appreciation will still add up over time.

Using additional equity to trade up will allow you to put a significant amount of money down on your next home. That could allow you to own a home you never could afford before.

2. Downsize

Another way to use your equity is to scale down. With the recent changes in tax laws, homeowners may sell a home every two years and walk away with tax-free profits up to $250,000 (for singles) and $500,000 (for married couples). By scaling down, you can purchase a smaller, less-expensive primary dwelling, and use the extra cash for investments, debt reduction or even purchasing an investment property.

3. Second Home

The real estate market has been fueled during the past few years by retiring baby boomers purchasing second homes. Maybe now is the time to purchase that home on the beach, at the lake or in the mountains. We can refer you to a knowledgeable agent in a resort area to help you with this move.

If you know you’re retiring to a particular area in the next few years, study that market now. You may want to buy the home now while prices are still affordable. If you do, you could rent the home during the peak vacation season. Many second homeowners discover they can just about cover their annual property expenses by renting out during peak season.

4. Investment Property

While the stock market often bounces up and down, many investors feel comfortable with the security of real estate. Not everyone has extra money to play the stock market profitably, but landlords can enjoy income every month. The secret is selecting the right property and finding expert property management if you don’t want to manage the property yourself. We can help with both these issues.

Some buyers have found it beneficial to purchase a property in the area where their college-age children are going to school. Their child can help manage the units and share the housing with other students to defray costs. The young adults learn responsibility and property management skills, and you have a live-in manager to watch over your investment.

5. Shared Equity

Another way to put your idle equity to work is to lend it to an adult child as a down payment for his or her first home. Some parents maintain a co-ownership interest while the young adult makes the mortgage payments. At the time of the sale, the equity is then split between the two. This is called a shared-equity arrangement.

6. Remodel

If you really like where you’re living, but desire a few more amenities, consider taking cash out for remodeling or adding to your current home. The interest paid on some home equity loans is tax deductible, just as it is with your first trust. Give us a call to find out what financing options suit your situation best.

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The Top Real Estate Search Engine says Wilmington NC #79 in searches

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Wilmington NC makes the news again.  This time for being the #79th  most searched real estate market on website for September.  This is good news.  The market has been slowly picking up and the buyers are starting to look again.  With the interest rates below 4%, now more than ever is a great time to buy.  Realtor. com was one of the first real estate websites that the public could search all over the United States.  We have been with them for over 17 years.  It is a great tool to have to expose your properties to the public.  In addition to the regular service provides, we also “Showcase” our listings so that we can add more information, virtual tours  and photos to each or our listings.  We also have “Featured Homes” on  When someone types in Wilmington NC in the search term, our listings are featured at the top and bottom of the screen in a revolving sequence.  We do get more public hits on the Featured Homes and think that this helps increase exposure on each home.  Being progressive and proactive are vital in this real estate market, and Kay Baker and Associates have always tried to stay above of the trends.


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