Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Seller Web Advantage

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Announcing another Coldwell Banker Sea Coast innovative marketing tool that will show sellers in “real time” for every 7 days worth of exposure how many views their home has received on the Sea Coast Web Site.  Reports can be sent out daily or weekly automatically.   The SC Seller Web Advantage is a unique and great tool that will breakdown the viewing traffic in a variety of ad spots.

1. Listing agents profile page with their properties

2. Viewed as a “Featured Property” (Home page for Sea Coast )
3. How many times the home is clicked on for “more” details.
4.  How many times your home was in a “search” result ( eg neighborhood, price)

The report is visually easy to read with graphs, and text details.     Seller Advantage

The other report is a Market Comparative analysis report on your home.  This is just to see what is selling around you, in different price ranges, either by zip code or by map.

A complete breakdown of traffic on your listing from for every 7,30, and 240 days.

·         Agent Listings – How many times it shows up under an agents, “My Properties”.

·         Featured Property – How many times it is featured on

·         Property Detail – How many times the property detail page is viewed for that listing.

·         Property Results – How many times your listing was returned in a search result.

The report includes not only a text layout but also a very nice Pie Graph to visually compare traffic information.

If you are thinking about selling your home in Wilmington, NC, why not let the most innovative and aggressive marketing team go to work for you? Call or email Kay Baker at Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty now. She knows more about the Wilmington NC real estate market!

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Wilmington NC Real Estate Home Sales

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Area Home Sales Remain Strong

Home sales in the Wilmington NC area rose for the third month in July. The total for July was 435 in comparison to 416 for June. The average sales price was $274,832 versus June at $256,616 and July 2008 was $246,437.

Lenders are still remaining very strict for many home buyers in the area. Large down payments are required in some cases. But, the $8000 tax credit is giving a boost to first time home buyers. Home builders are asking Congress to extend the credit for another year and to include more home buyers.

If you are thinking about purchasing a home in the area, please do not hesitate to give us a call or email at You can also search by price, map, schools, size, zip code, city and more right on my website at

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Sell Your Home Quickly

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Four Mistakes That Can Cost You Thousands

Like all homeowners, you hope your home will sell quickly. Some homes do. In fact, the majority of homes sell during the initial listing period. But–as you know— some do not. In tough markets, as many as a third to a half the listings expire unsold. If this has happened to you and you still want to sell, make a renewed commitment to do what it takes to market your home effectively.

There are four major components of a successful sale.

1. Communication-Teamwork between seller and agent is key to know how to alter the marketing process. Did you receive feedback from the showings that you had? Most important, we want to hear from you.

2. Price-This is the most common culprit for the lack of a sale. An incorrectly priced home attracts the wrong buyers or none at all. One secret is to price your home below other expired listings and overpriced listings languishing 60 to 90 to 120 days on the market. Activity without offers often indicates overpricing. Remember, any home will sell for the right price.

3. Condition-When buyers enter your home, we want them to say ” I love this home!”. A home in like-new condition sells fastest and gets the best price because it outshines the competition. For instance, don’t offer a carpet allowance in the place of installing new carpet. While prospective purchasers are trying to imagine new carpeting,they likely will discount it further for the worn carpet underfoot or buy one down the street with new carpet.

4.Marketing-Your secret to success is a carefully crafted marketing plan that exposes your home to the widest pool of possible prospective buyers. In today’s market the most successful marketing campaigns integrate online and offline marketing. Most homebuyers search for homes online, so offline advertising should direct homebuyers to an array of color photos and virtual tours online.

Buyers are out there! Don’t show off your home until marketing plans, terms, price and condition are set. Put your home in buyer ready condition and it won’t go unsold. If you are ready to talk about selling your home in Wilmington, NC, we welcome your call or email. We can assist you every step of the way. For more selling tips log on to my website at

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Tips to Boost Curb Appeal and Sell for Top Dollar

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Your home will sell. There’s no question about that. However, if you put your home on the market without preparing it for sale, you may have a long wait for an offer.

And, the exterior of a home and the grounds surrounding it create strong first impressions on a home buyer-as well as family, friends and neighbors. If a property shows shoddy upkeep, faded paint and unattractive landscaping, prospects viewing it from the curb may assume more shabbiness inside.

If you are thinking about selling your home and want to boost its appeal to drive-by buyers, follow these suggestions here- then sit back and watch your home sell for top dollar!

1. Pretend you are shopping and drive slowly by. Then, get out of the car and walk toward your property critically as a buyer would, jotting down what you notice. Also, see how your home looks after dark. Many home buyers use weekday evenings to drive by homes and weekend days to visit them.

2.The Big Picture.. Try to find a memorable word or phrase that best describes your home. Is it inviting, cozy, elegant, well maintained or interesting? Or is it run-down, messy, ordinary, dirty or scary looking?

3.Punch up your home’s style by ensuring its attractive architectural features get noticed. Use slightly contrasting paint color that coordinates with the color of the home to emphasize special features such as columns, trim, porches, shutters, doors and so on.

4.Landscaping not only attracts the attention of buyers, it can increase the value of your home. Remember, plantings on the property should decorate rather than dominate the home. Remove old shrubs and trees that have over grown their location, no longer look healthy or block views of doors, windows or walkways. Simplify beds so they look net and easy to maintain.

5. Add extra pizzazz and interest to just two or three areas outside by using a decorative planter or potted flowers, seasonal banner, window boxes, front porch swing, garden bench or bird bath.

6. Make sure your outdoor  hardware reflects up to date styles. Mailboxes, house numbers, screens, light fixtures, railings, door handles and kick-plates can adorn a home or detract from it.

7. The most important impression you want your home to convey is that it is clean and well maintained. First, minimize or do away with clutter-lawn ornaments, grills, furniture, yard tools or toys. If your home’s exterior paint is faded or peeling, invest in a fresh paint job in a neutral color scheme. Buy or rent a pressure washer and use it to give your deck and driveway a nice fresh look. And, don’t forget to clean the windows!

We specialize in selling homes in or near Wilmington, NC and would be happy to take a look at your home and provide suggestions about how you can enhance its curb appeal and sell your home for top dollar! Just check out this home in Gorman Plantation, that we recently sold in one day!


There’s no obligation, just call or email today.

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